Udaariyaan Upcoming Twist: Tejo finds out she's pregnant

Udaariyaan Upcoming Twist: Tejo finds out she's pregnant

Udaariyaan upcoming twist:

In the future Udariyaan serial episodes, Tejo will find out that she's pregnant while Jasmin will get shocked hearing the news.

The current story of the Udaariyan serial revolves around Fateh speeding the car towards an oncoming truck to test if Jasmin loves him and gets shocked seeing Jasmin also removing her seat belt to die with him.

Further, Jasmin told him to reveal the truth to the family or run away with her as she can't live without him.

Now as per the serial gossips of Udaarian, Gurpreet and Nimmo will see Tejo and Buzo together and will think that they are having an affair while Tejo will advise Buzo reveal his relationship with Simran to the family.

Later, Tejo will get sick again at the college and Neha will tell her to check if she's pregnant while giving her the pregnancy test kit.

She will come out of the stall smiling and will inform Jasmin that she's pregnant leaving Jasmin in shock according to spoilers of Udaariya.

Let's see what will Jasmin and Fateh do next in the upcoming story of Udaria serial.

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