Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Buxi's life in danger

Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Buxi's life in danger

Vidrohi Upcoming Story: 

In the upcoming Vidrohi serial episodes, Buxi will be bitten by a poisonous scorpion.

The locals ask Kalyani to apply herbs on Buxi's wound and not let him move.

So far in Vidrohi's story, Kalyani gets blamed for trying to steal Radha's husband.

Kalyani couldn't handle someone questioning her integrity and left the palace.

When Buxi returns to the palace, Radha tells him that Kalyani has left from there. Buxi gets furious and leaves to find Kalyani.

On his way, Buxi gets bitten by a scorpion.

Now as per the gossips of the Vidrohi serial, Kalyani will be taking care of Buxi who is unconscious.

Buxi will start moving but Kalyani somehow tries to stop his movements to avoid letting the poison spread in his body.

Later, Buxi's nose will start bleeding and one of the locals will say that the poison has started to show its effects, according to the spoilers of Vidrohi.

Let's see whether Kalyani saves Buxi, in the upcoming twists of Vidrohi.

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