Vish serial gossip alert: Jalakshini to woo Aditya

Vish serial gossip alert: Jalakshini to woo Aditya

Vish TV serial future story:

In the upcoming episodes of Vish TV serial, Jalakshini will strive to get close to Aditya by seducing him to fulfill her own selfish motive.

Up until now in Wish serial, Sabrina tried to kill Aaliya by pushing her down from the cliff. Post this exciting sequence, the serial took a short leap.

Now, based on the new spoilers of Wish TV serial, Jalakshini will draft out a plan to bring Aditya on her side so that later she can use him as a ploy.

Jalakshini will try hard to woo Aditya with her seductive looks and sultry activities.

However, this situation will put Aditya in a difficult state as Aaliya will notice all this and will get angry at him. Aaliya will fume in anger and jealousy on seeing Jalakshini and Aditya close.

Let’s wait and watch Aaliya’s next move in the future story twist of Wish serial.

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