YHC: Kabir and Mishika get married

YHC: Kabir and Mishika get married

YHC Latest News:

In the upcoming story of the YHC serial, Kabir (Khushank Arora) and Mishika (Tanu Khan) will return home married which will shock everyone.

So far in YHC story, Preesha and Rudraksh revealed to Sunny that his mother has passed away while Yuvraj praised himself for his plan.

Further, in the last episode of YHC, Saaransh got jealous of seeing Preesha and Rudraksh taking care of Sunny while Yuvraj instigated him.

Now as per the serial gossips of YHC, Sulochana and Sharda will get worried noticing that Kabir and Mishika are absent.

Mishika and Kabir will walk in through the door and will announce that they have married. 

Rudraksh will question Kabir for marrying Mishika while she will reveal that he married her because she is pregnant.

Let's see how will the family react to this in the upcoming twists of YHC serial.

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