YRKKH: Ranvir to misinterpret Kartik and Sirat

YRKKH: Ranvir to misinterpret Kartik and Sirat

YRKKH Gossip:

In the upcoming story of the YRKKH serial, Ranvir (Karan Kundra) will see Sirat (Shivangi Joshi) coming with Kartik (Mohsin Khan) on a bike and will misinterpret the situation.

The current episode of the YRKKH serial revolves around Sirat bidding goodbye to the Goenka's and leaving for her hostel with Ranvir.

Further, in the recent episodes of YRKKH, Ranvir planned a surprise for Sirat and told her to get ready.

Now as per the YRKKH serial gossips, Ranvir will be waiting for Sirat while she will come on a bike with Kartik.

However, Ranbir will not recognise Kartik due to his wearing a helmet and will try to fight with him.

Let's see what new drama will be created in the upcoming twists of YRKKH serial.

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