Zoya accepts Aditya’s love on Colors TV show Bepannaah

Zoya accepts Aditya’s love on Colors TV show Bepannaah

The biggest spoiler of the season is out. Telly best is the first to report about Zoya accepting Aditya’s love on her wedding day on Colors TV love saga Bepannaah.

So far, Aditya has been putting his heart out to make Zoya realize about her true feelings. He knew that she is making a wrong decision.

Zoya was firm to marry Arshad. She suffered enough after Yash, and now she was not in the mood to take all that again hence she was following Mr. Siddhiqui’s orders.

In the upcoming episode, Yash will make Zoya realize about her love for Aditya. Zoya will finally find the courage to express her love for Aditya.

In a sequence, here Aditya will decide to take off from the wedding mandap. Zoya will get furious to see Aditya leaving. She will run after Aditya and hug him tight repeating the word Qubool hai times three.

We know the fact that makers will let Zoya and Aditya unite so easily. So, let’s wait and watch what happens next on the show.

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