Anandi Baa Aur Emily 8th July 2022 Written Update

Anandi Baa Aur Emily 8th July 2022 Written Update

Anandi Baa Aur Emily 8th July 2022 Written Update: Anandi, Baa Aur Emly written update

Today's Anandi Baa Aur Emily 8th July 2022 episode starts with Anandi Baa screaming not to sign anything.

Hearing Baa’s voice, Aarav tells her that he and Emily have already signed the registration papers.

On one hand, Anandi Baa gets even angrier and on the other hand, Gunjan says dramatically that Nature has done its work.

Looking at Anandi Baa’s worried face, Emly says that she told the lawyer, “Mujhe Anadi Baa ne Veja” (I am here because of Anandi Baa).

This makes Anandi Baa even more frustrated and she goes to meet the register and the lawyer.

Seeing Anandi Baa’s angry face, the lawyer informs Anandi Baa that she and the registrar have signed as witnesses.

Ignoring her words, Baa asks the registrar how he can do her son’s lagan (marriage) without her permission.

Meanwhile, the registrar tells Baa that even Gondol’s judge will do whatever she says.

Hearing this, Baa laughs to herself as she knows the marriage will not be finalized until it gets entered.

While arrogant Baa tears the paper and throws it at Emly’s face, Gunjan murmurs into Baa’s ear that they have beaten nature again.

Later in Aarav’s house, Gunjan asks Baa dramatically to cherish her hair.

When Baa looks at Gunjan with confusion, Gunjan says that she has seen a nightmare about Emly and Aarav’s Christian marriage.

She even says that nature is conspiring to make Emly their daughter-in-law.

While Gunjan is telling Baa that they need to fix Aarav’s marriage with a sanskari Indian girl, Pinki enters the room looking shy.

Noticing her, Gunjan twists her neck in signal and Pinki leaves.

After coming out of Baa’s room, Gunjan tells Pinki that they need to use a hammer on Baa.

As expected, Pinki says that she has a little hammer so she will hit Baa with it.

Later Baa asks Gulab why he is wearing a costume.

Hearing this, Gulab and his wife tell Baa that he needs to sing a song for Snake so that it will forgive him.

The next morning, Gunjan tells Pinki about her plan of using this fake snake on Aarav to impress Baa.

While Gulab is using a bin, Baa asks her older son to break it.

At the same time, Emly arrives there and tells Anari Baa has torn the NOC papers as well.

On the other hand, Pinki notices the real snake in Aarav’s room and screams.

Seeing the snake, Gulab bua plans to beg forgiveness from the snake.

After Emly saves Aarav, Pinki picks up the real snake and throws it away.

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