Anupama 10th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 10th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama starts with Vikram saying that everything is packed and they should get going when Yashdeep asks her not to do anything and only supervise everything.

She asks Yashdeep to lock the restaurant which makes him think that tomorrow the restaurant will be getting locked forever when he receives Shruti’s text.

Meanwhile, Shruti and Aadya decide on their dress for the function as Anupama and Yashdeep reach their house which makes Anuj ask them the reason.

Yashdeep says that Shruti wanted some sweets and that is why they are here. Anuj asks her why she called them here since they all met just sometime before.

Shruti says that she wanted to make some changes to the menu since she is concerned that her friend’s wedding functions had the same menu and she wanted it to be different.

Anuj says that they have already done all the preparations and reached the menu when Anuj agrees and Shruti says that they will pay them extra for this while Aadya says that they must make the changes since it is their work while Anuj shuts her up saying she shouldn’t take between elders.

Yashdeep says that his staff has been preparing for the menu since morning and he cannot overburden them.

Anupama assures her that the changes will be made when Shruti asks why is making such a big issue out of it.

She asks Aadya to bring sweets for her since she cleared the first round of Superstar Chef.

She drinks the water and starts coughing which makes Anuj restless and he can’t resist going to her and comforting her.

Aadya and Shruti don’t like this while Aadya goes upstairs and Yasdeep and Anupama take a leave.

Anupama reaches home when she tells everyone that she had a lot of work today and asks them why are they up this late.

Leela says that Vanraj wanted to talk to her and thus they are up as he says that he has decided to meet Titu to know if he can keep Dimpy and Ansh happy but not here.

He adds that he will meet him in India while  Dimpy gets happy and says thanks to him.

Anupama asks him to stand by his words while Toshu says that they must sleep now since they have to be at the wedding function tomorrow.

The next morning, Anupama gets Yashdeep’s call he tells her that the venue has been shifted to Anuj’s house since it got raided by the narcotics department.

On the other hand, the Shah family gets to know that the function will be happening at Anuj’s as they feel bad for her while Hasmukh says that Anupama is handling everything strongly.

Back at Anuj’s place, Anupama does the preparations when Aadya comes worried saying her dress got torn and blames Anupama for it.

Anupama offers to stitch it and she does that while supervising the cooking.

Anuj thinks that Anupama is trying so hard to mend everything and proceeds to help her and thanks her for doing this much.

She says that she is doing this for her daughter while Shruti says that she should not worry as she will convince her since she has taken care of Aadya all these days.

Meanwhile, Aadya is in her room when Shruti comes ginning her the dress which makes her happy.

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