Anupama 10th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama 10th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama 10th August 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 10th August 2023 episode starts with Hasmukh asking Vanraj if everything is fine between him and Kavya.

Vanraj nods along with Kavya when just then, Dimple arrives there with Samar and starts twirling the keys in her hand in the air.

Dimple mockingly asks Kinjal if she wants to accompany her and Samar as they are going to meet Malti Devi.

Kinjal informs Dimple that she doesn't need her ride since her mother will manage everything now.

After Kinjal leaves the hall, a man comes to the entrance with a letter from Malti Devi.

Dimple gets so happy saying that Malti Devi must want her and Samar for the Mumbai branch.

However, when she reads the letter, her smile gets wiped off as Malti Devi has removed them from the job and wants the car keys back.

The man with the letter asks Dimple to give the keys who gets so agitated that she even calls Malti Devi on the spot.

However, her call isn't picked through after which the man threatens her with police and Dimple reluctantly gives the keys.

Just then, Leela giggles and says a few seconds ago, Dimple was twirling the keys in her hand like a sudarshan chakra.

Now there is nothing while Vanraj also states that this is what he was trying to warn Dimple and Samar about.

Meanwhile, Anupama gets a call from the Shah household and takes off while Anuj asks her to tell him when she reaches.

Dimple starts questioning Anupama as soon as she enters Shah house, blaming her for Malti Devi firing them.

However, Anupama asks her to speak as much venom as she can since she is hell-bent to make herself look ugly with so much hatred and irritation she has inside.

Further, Anupama says that after Dimple has spoken, she will speak and tells her that she or Samar didn't get this job due to their capabilities.

Rather, they were used as a Mohra by Malti Devi and Leela agrees.

This makes Dimple tick off and get irritated at Leela which further makes Anupama angry.

At Kapadia Mansion, Romil gives attitude to Ankush when he tries to ask him where he is going.

Anuj steps in and very calmly asks Romil the same since he is living under his roof, so Anuj should also know.

Romil shoots a side eye to Anuj who tells him that nobody gives unnecessary attitude to anyone in this house.

After Romil reveals that he is going to meet his friend, Anuj smiles which makes Romil nervous.

Back at Shah's house, Anupama gets blamed by Samar also that it is because of her all of this is happening.

Leela blames Dimple for Samar speaking like this but Anupama says that it is Samar's own doing that is promoting him to say such stuff.

Kinjal tells Dimple that she is in the wrong as she and Samar were used by Malti Devi.

However, Dimple asks her to stay quiet since she has an obsession to be Choti Anupama.

Back at Kapadia's, Anuj asks Romil about his college admission while Romil tells him to take a chill pill.

Anuj chuckles & seriously telling Romil that he can take a chill pill since he is established but Romil cannot.

Romil leaves after getting a card from Ankush after which Anuj tells Ankush that what he did was wrong to fulfill every need of his.

At Shah's, Anupama gets teary-eyed as she watches Samar accuse Toshu of being jealous of his success and the car he bought.

Meanwhile, Kavya asks Dimple why she doesn't go out of Shah house if she doesn't like them.

Kinjal says that Dimple's family doesn't even want to meet her so she cannot even say anything but Dimple retorts back equally.

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