Anupama 10th February 2023 Written Update

Anupama 10th February 2023 Written Update

Anupama 10th February 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 10th February 2023 episode starts with Leela asking Vanraj whether there’s a cure for Paritosh’s condition or not. 

Vanraj replies that though treatment is there and has started, in conditions like his complete recovery is a long and painful journey.

As he stares at Toshu through the glass window in the ICU, Vanraj adds that even after Toshu is released from the hospital, someone will have to be with him day and night to take care of him.  

He further tells everyone that there will be a need for a lot of patience in handling him after this.

As they wait in the hospital, everyone recalls the conversations and memories with Toshu and tries to find some comfort in each other’s arms.

Meanwhile, Anupama cries in a corner and hyperventilates but pulls herself together for Toshu.

She gets a call from Maya and breaks down when Maya asks her about Toshu.

Anupama asks her to take care of Anu and Maya assures her she will.

Maya additionally thanks her to let her have the chance to take care of Choti Anu.

Back at the Kapadiya house, Barkha confronts Maya about manipulating this terrible situation to win Anu’s attention.

Maya tells her that she feels nothing is wrong in using a situation to her advantage and Barkha tells her to stay within her limits as she’s just a guest at their house.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kinjal tells Anupama that she’s getting a weird feeling and asks Anupama whether she felt this way when Vanraj was in the hospital after their divorce.

Anupama validates her feelings by telling her that a stamp on the paper doesn’t end years of relationship and the feelings don’t magically disappear.

Kinjal agrees and confides in her that all of a sudden after Toshu's stroke, the anger she had for him has turned into love.

Anupama just warns Kinjal that in the upcoming days, her challenges will just magnify.

Kinjal just thanks Anupama for always being there for her and they share a hug.

Later, at the Shah’s, Rakhi comes over and Kinjal immediately springs to hug her.

When Kinjal questions how come she’s here since Rakhi was mad at Toshu, Rakhi tells her that she paid a visit to the hospital and the doctors told her that his recovery was a long way to go.

Rakhi then makes a rigid decision that though the timing is not the best, she’s there to take Kinjal back home.

On the other hand, Vanraj tells Anupama that he told Kinjal so many times to break it off with Toshu but doesn’t understand why she endures all that Toshu brings upon her.

Anupama tells him that in her opinion, Kinjal still has some hope, although the right thing for her would be to leave Toshu.

At the same moment, at the Shah’s, Leela argues with Rakhi over her decision but Rakhi doesn’t want Kinjal to suffer taking care of Toshu like a nurse when she was never treated like a wife.

While Rakhi is sure that Kinjal would come along, she surprises her by saying she won’t leave Toshu right now.

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