Anupama 10th February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 10th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 10th February 2024 episode starts with Anupama feeling restless and cleaning the windows of the restaurant when she spots Anuj standing outside.

However, the scene turns out to be Anupama's imagination and she sees Kanta in her imagination who comes to guide her in this confusing situation.

Anupama says that she has been missing Kanta very much while she hugs her mother tightly after which Kanta asks Anupama if she is going through any turbulence in life.

Anupama tells Kanta that she is facing countless difficulties in her life which do not tend to end and even makes her feel that life is not worth living anymore.

Kanta reminds Anupama that life is the precious gift of Kanha Ji while Anupama says that she is not able to respect it anymore after facing her present situation.

Anupama says that she had come to America to live her life freely devoid of all her relationships but God has presented everything before her eyes from which she was running away.

As Anupama tells Kanta about meeting Anuj again in America, Kanta questions Anupama if she is not happy about seeing Anuj after so many years.

Anupama says that she is very happy but has to face him to give closure so that he can move on in his life with Shruti and Adhya, who already hate her very much.

Anupama states that she is happy by herself and does not want any relationship or love to become her support anymore.

Meanwhile, Shruti comes in the middle of Adhya and Anuj preparing the birthday surprise and says that she ruined everything because of her uncontrollable excitement.

Anuj and Adhya wish a happy birthday to Shruti and cut the cake together as Shruti says that both of them are her life without whom she cannot live.

Adhya tells Shruti that Anuj will spend the next day with her which reminds Anuj about his meeting with Anupama but he fails to deny disappointing Shruti and Adhya by saying no.

While hugging Shruti and Adhya, Anuj thinks about how he should manage the woman and love in his heart while his present situation is quite different.

Elsewhere, Dimpy opens the dance academy and cleans the whole space after which she decorates everything with flowers and garlands to make it look new again.

Titu appears to congratulate Dimpy and helps her by breaking the coconut after which he gifts her a nameplate stating "Dimpy Dance Academy".

As Titu leaves after saying that he would be there anytime Dimpy needs a friend, Dimpy calls out Teetu's name and tells him that she is thankful for his support and motivation.

Teetu asks Dimpy to move forward in her life with her steps and show everyone what she is capable of after which he finally leaves.

The next day, Anupama prepares herself to meet Anuj when Yashdeep comes to the restaurant and faces the question whether Anupama is doing the right thing or not.

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