Anupama 10th July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 10th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Hashmuk telling Vanraj that he gets a stranger's vibe from Shah's house and also assures Vanraj that he is a good son who took the responsibilities at a young age.

Vanraj breaks down and starts crying when Baapu Ji says that he has to look after the kid's future and that he and Leela do not have any future, so they decide to leave the house.

He tells Vanraj that he cannot see the Shah house demolished in front of their eyes because it holds a lot of memories of when they started their family and Anu came to their house.

Anu also becomes emotional after Hashmuk says that he will live in the Virdh ashram along with Leela but Anuj says that it will not look good that they will live away from the family.

Vanraj along with Anu and Anuj tries to convince them to come back home but Hashmuk does not listen while Leela asks him to change his mind then Hashmuk asks her to go along with them if she wants.

Leela says that she will not leave him alone and says that she will also live along with him after that Hashmuk says that he wants to live there peacefully as no one will scold them for small things and make them feel bad.

Anu feels bad for them when Hashmuk says this while Vanraj says that he will not force them if they have made up their mind that they will live there only after Baapu ji says that he will sign the papers.

Meanwhile, Anu tries to convince them but they don't listen and he asks her to sign the papers and they start working while Anu says that she will not let Leela and Hashmuk make this much big sacrifice as their real happiness lies in their family.

Later, Vanraj returns home along with Anu and Anuj and Kavya asks them what happened so Vanraj tells her that Hashmuk and Leela have refused to come back and they want to live there.

Kavya yells at him but he says that he cannot change their decision after that Vanraj asks Anu to sign on NOC but she refuses then Vanraj yells at her which makes Anuj angry and he asks him to behave well with her otherwise it won't be good for him.

Vanraj asks her what is the problem that she is not signing on the papers so she says that he is her biggest problem and she will not sign on it at any cost no matter what.

Anu says that Leela and Hashmuk are at the last stage of their life so she requests Vanraj to let them live a peaceful life then Vanraj argues with her and says that he is doing all these things for his children.

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