Anupama 10th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 10th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu telling Devika that Adhya locked Pari inside the room which surprises Devika and she asks her to not focus on Adhya right now and think about the lady who was about to tell about Titu.

Anu tells her that she is confused about all these things and between all these things she forgot herself and how she should collect the proof to prove herself innocent in front of everyone.

She says that she cannot do all these things after which Devika consoles her while Ishaani calls Adhya and tells her that Pari was locked inside the store room and Anu helped her come out of the room.

Aadhya feels bad and cuts the call and says that Pari is her blood that's why Anu loves her most while Toshu asks Pari who locked her inside the room after which she says that she does not know how she got locked inside the room.

After that, Toshu says that it is the work of Adhya as she hates her because Anu loves her more than her after which Kinjal comes over there and asks Pari to go and play along with other kids.

Kinjal scolds him for mixing poison in Adhya's mind and making her against Adhya after which Toshu says that he knows what is right and wrong for his daughter and once he proves this thing then he will taunt Anu for not being a good mother.

Toshu stares at Kinjal after which she yells at him but he asks her to not shout at him as it is not the U.S. and it is his father's house that hurts Kinjal.

On the next day, Anuj helps Adhya get ready after which she reminds him that he broke his promise which he made to her that he won't help Anu in proving her innocent.

She asks Anuj to not go back to the U.S. with the baggage of any relationship and she assures him that she will behave well at the wedding and not make him feel worried but at the same time she wants him to get married to Shruti.

Adhya goes from there while Anuj murmurs that he thinks Adhya will change after coming to India but all the reverse things are happening whereas Shah men cook for the ladies and Kavya tells them that it is a bit uncooked.

Leela praises them for cooking for the first time while Anu comes over there after which Vanraj and Toshu are about to taunt her but Anu gives them a befitting reply she meets Adhaya and she explains to her that she did wrong by locking Adhya inside the room.

Anu tells her that she has kept her always a priority and will always do it and if required she is ready to sacrifice her life for too which surprises Adhya.

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