Anupama 10th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 10th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama asking the reporter what she said about her Indian culture as the reporter asks how can Indians eat with their hand and calls it filthy.

Anupama explains it to her but gets out of words and asks Yashdeep to translate for her while everyone claps for her.

Anupama invites the reporter to have food there and offers a spoon but she says that she will eat by hand.

Leela praises her while on the other hand, the men ask Toshu to return their money while Toshu asks them to give him a few more days and he will return the money as they threaten them saying they will harm Angel then.

He calls the school and gets to know that someone has picked her up from the school and requests the men not to harm her as she is a kid and promises to return their money while Anuj comes there to find Toshu but can't find him there.

Concurrently, the men warn him to return the money in the next thirty minutes or he won't be able to see Pari ever again.

This worries him as he brainstorms about what to do.

Meanwhile, Anuj sees Anupama and he wonders how Anupama is just like magic as she smiles at him while Anuj gets a call and goes to attend it.

Aadya calls Anuj while Shruti lies unconscious which panics Aadya and she asks him to return.

In the meantime, Toshu sees the precious necklaces as he recalls all the promises he made to Kinjal and Anupama while the fashion show goes on.

He goes out and sees Anupama doing work as he approaches her purse while Anupama calls out his name and asks him what he is doing here.

She suspects him of doing something wrong as he says that he has come here to eat something as he has been busy with his work since the morning.

She takes him aside and feeds him with her hands as she says sorry to him for accusing him of the theft this morning and adds that she feels proud to see him working wisely.

He too says sorry to her and leaves while he says sorry to her in his heart for keeping the priced jewelry in her bag because he is sure that her bag won't be checked.

Just then, the security Alam rings while the police arrive and instructs the crowd to move inside with their bags.

Anupama too, goes inside with her bag as the checking starts while they are instructed to queue up.

This makes Vanraj and Yashdeep question what is the matter, to which they reply that the most expensive piece of jewelry is missing.

Meanwhile, Anupama gets worried that Toshu might get blamed for it as he had charge of the jewelry while Leela and Vanraj tell her to calm down and Toshu won't get in trouble.

The checking gets starts while the police inspect the bags as Anuj arrives and assures Mr. Zaveri that they will find the necklace.

He tells him that it's very unprofessional while Anuj tries to defend himself saying that this hasn't happened before.

The police discover the necklace from Anupama's bag as they arrest her.

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