Anupama 10th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 10th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 10th May 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 10th May 2023 episode starts with Kavya telling the family members that she has lost her patience and will to live with Vanraj as they did not have a perfect equation from the start.

Kavya remembers the past when she loved Vanraj with all her heart and even left Anirudh to be with Vanraj in front of the whole world.

Posing as Vanraj's friend for four years, Kavya continued to come into his house and meet Anupama as a colleague when in reality she was having an affair with her husband.

Kavya says that she knew what she was doing was not good and morally wrong, but like a drug addict, she had already lost her reason and moral sense in Vanraj's love.

Everyone knows the past from Anupama's perspective but no one ever tried to see it through Kavya's eyes as she was tagged the wrong side.

Kavya agrees that she was wrong but says that she is also a human and is able to feel emotions, especially negative ones which she has been fighting all these years.

Although Kavya decided to be the ideal wife of Vanraj by shifting to the Shah house and taking care of his family, Vanraj never showed respect toward her for her work.

Kavya addresses everyone one by one and asks them not to worry about her as she is breaking her relationship with Vanraj, but not all of them.

Kinjal gets emotional and asks Kavya not to leave her like that but Kavya does not change her decision and tells Kinjal that she is the major pillar that is binding the family together in the present.

Kavya gets Leela's blessings and says that no matter how Leela is as a person, Kavya loves her as Baa which makes Leela feel bad about how she has always acted with Kavya.

Coming to Hasmukh, Kavya asks him to give her his blessings so that she gets the courage to set her foot out in the world while Vanraj appears and asks Kavya to never come back to that house.

Vanraj says that he will not accept Kavya if she returns to him when his good days arrive to which Kavya laughs and says that she will never think of returning to him ever.

Kavya says that no one can live with Vanraj happily ever as he is an impossible person and says that she loved him a bit too much which ruined her in the end.

Vanraj acts cool and shouts at Kavya to get out and never return, while Kavya exits the house with tears in her eyes and leaves.

After banging the door close, Vanraj feels his heart sink and crashes to the floor leaving everyone in utter shock.

Meanwhile, Kanta asks Anupama to promise her that she will share everything with her mother when Anupama receives Leela's call informing her about Vanraj.

Anupama comes to the hospital and helps in calming down Leela and Hasmukh after which the doctor informs them that Vanraj had a heart attack.

However, Vanraj's condition is stable currently and Leela and Hasmukh go into his room to see Vanraj.

Vanraj wakes up and asks if Anupama has come to meet him to which Leela says that she came rushing after one phone call.

Meanwhile, Pakhi tells Anupama that she is feeling guilty for ruining her and Anuj's relationship by interfering in between but Anupama assures Pakhi that it was not her fault.

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