Anupama 11th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 11th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 11th December 2023 episode starts with Titu telling Anupama that he and Dimpy are nothing but good friends and they have not done anything wrong.

Anupama stands with an upset face, asking Titu to go home safely after which Titu asks her if she is all right, making Anupama emotional.

She replies that a person sometimes wishes to spend time alone and she's wishing the same while Titu asks what would happen to Dimpy.

Assuring Titu that she is with Dimpy all the time, Anupama says that she stayed silent because they were outside but nothing can keep her away from meeting her own family.

Titu leaves the event and gets teary-eyed as he thinks about the constant accusation he and Dimpy have to face together.

Starting a live on his social media, Titu addresses his followers and asks them why society always points fingers at a girl and boy being friends.

Meanwhile, Anuj finds Anu alone in her room and asks why she hasn't slept, when Anu admits wrongdoing against both Anupama and her friend.

Anu tells Anuj about Anupama's conversation with Devika, making him realize that Anupama must have planned everything to make Anu realize her mistake.

Anuj says that it is fine to make mistakes but they must redeem for it by saying sorry to the person they have wronged. 

Anu says that she wants to do something for Anupama and asks Anuj to help her in doing that to which Anuj agrees at once.

At the same time, Vanraj comes home with Dimpy and Pakhi while Leela asks him what the matter is and why he suddenly left home with such a serious face.

Vanraj asks everyone to settle down and calls Hasmukh after which he sits on a chair and says that whatever he is going to say might offend them.

He announces that no family member of the Shahs will contact Anupama for any matter or advice.

Everyone is shocked to hear such a thing while Vanraj says that Anupama has come to think that the Shah family is her own and she can control things here too.

Vanraj states clearly that Kavya, Dimpy, and Kinjal have been brainwashed by Anupama in the name of women's empowerment to which Kavya and Dimpy object and say that Anupama is the only person who stands by their side when they need support.

Leela agrees with them but says that they should leave Anupama alone and the two families should maintain distance with which Vanraj agrees.

Vanraj asks Kavya to go out of the house if she wishes to contact Anupama after which the discussion ends.

Anupama comes home and gets a cute sorry from Anu who tells a poem about how she was wrong and gives her a sorry card.

Praising Anu, Anupama says that they will never send her back to the ashram as she is the biggest gift from Lord Krishna to them.

Anuj joins them and they enjoy hot chocolate together while Kavya finds Hasmukh crying and hopes the situation to get better soon.

Anuj gets to know about Vanraj's behaviour toward Anupama and asks Anupama to take a break as Vanraj wishes to run the Shah house on his own.

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