Anupama 11th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 11th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 11th January 2024 episode starts with Shruti telling Anupama that she is afraid of growing distant from Anuj over the matter of miscommunication.

Anupama says that Shruti should not think about the consequences so much as it hinders the smooth ongoing life she is getting with AK which is based on understanding and mutual trust.

Anupama tells Shruti that separation and other things are destined by God which is why they should give their best in every effort in a relationship so that they do not feel regret in the coming future.

Shruti thanks Anupama for motivating her through her words while Anupama says that she is the mother of four children herself which is why she has some experience in that field.

Anupama says that a mother should remain a mother as she cannot determine the good for the child while being their friend which makes Shruti look forward to understanding her daughter better from a mother's perspective.

Shruti continues to sip her tea in silence after Anupama gets called by Vikram who tells her that they need to go to the Indian Grocery Store to bring ingredients for a big order.

Meanwhile, Leela spots Pakhi standing alone in the kitchen and asks her what she is doing after which Pakhi says that she needs her separate flat in the tower if it gets built over the house.

Leela says that Pakhi should think about others for once as she wants to stay with the family so that she can give them the duty of Ishani while she enjoys the outside life by herself.

Pakhi says that she has nothing to lose and deserves her part in the house as she is the daughter of the family too which leaves Leela in distress.

Dimpy comes and asks Pakhi to behave herself while Pakhi says that everyone can live separately in the tower if it gets built while Leela makes it clear that only Hasmukh will separate the property while they are alive.

Pakhi feels irritated on hearing Leela and says that she will see how anyone stops her from getting what she wants.

At the same time, Anupama and Vikram take a taxi to go to the store and the taxi stops on the road where Anuj is getting his coffee.

Anuj misses Anupama on first glance as she bends over to get the list which falls down but on second glance, Anuj stands shocked as he watches Anupama sitting in a taxi which takes its leave.

Without thinking, Anuj runs to the road but gets hit by another car while Anupama screams Anuj's name in fear and notices a man getting hurt behind the taxi on the road.

Anupama comes out of the taxi and walks toward Anuj who has been injured by the accident but she fails to see the face as Anuj gets taken to the hospital immediately.

On the other hand, Kavya tells Vanraj that she has got a job offer and wants to do it, to which Vanraj replies that Kavya can do whatever she wants but it should not affect the family.

Anupama and Vikram come back to the restaurant with the items after which Yashpal tells Anupama to cook the special dish.

Meanwhile, Anuj wakes up in his room and tries to go out after which Aadhya hears Anuj take Anupama's name which makes her nervous.

Shruti calls Anupama and asks her help in making some food for AK due to his accident to which Anupama agrees and promises Shruti to come to her house after her restaurant work.

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