Anupama 11th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama 11th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama 11th July 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 11th July 2023 episode starts with the doctor telling Anuj that he has given sleep medicine to Anu but they need to bring Anu out of the shock.

Anuj and Pakhi look at each other after hearing this and Anuj orders Pakhi not to tell Anupama about Choti Anu’s situation as he does not want any complication in Anupama’s trip now.

Pakhi tries to change Anuj’s mind by reminding Anupama still has seven more hours while Anuj looks at the ticking clock with hopeless eyes.

Meanwhile, Anupama tells herself that they take seven promises after taking seven pheras and now she has only seven hours left to go to America.

Whereas Malti Devi also thinks to herself that she has the tension for another seven hours till Anupama takes off.

When Anupama returns home, she gets stunned to find her luggage packed and Katha tells Anupama that she has packed her bags after putting a big rock over her chest.

Bhavesh also jokingly says that they have become a typical middle-class family now as they are ready with Anupama’s luggage.

In the meantime, he also advises Anupama to take only the luggage that will not create extra baggage for her during the journey.

He then urges Anupama to get ready for her departure and when Anupama finally comes out of her room, she gets surprised to find Leela standing there with a cup of tea for her.

Leela tells Anupama smilingly that they could not stay away from Anupama much longer while the rest of the Shah family also looks at Anupama warmly.

Kavya tells everyone a quote in English about Anupama’s leaving which Leela and Kanta do not understand, so Anupama urges Kavya to explain it in Hindi.

When Bhavesh uses a tough Hindi term to explain it, Leela whispers to Anupama that she still did not understand the term which makes Anupama chuckle and she also pulls Leela’s cheeks.

On the other hand, Choti Anu again starts calling "Mummy" in a very frantic state so everyone starts panicking and Anuj walks away from there with hunched shoulders.

Once he reaches the hall, he starts breaking things like a manic person while Adhik and Ankush try to calm him down.

Anuj even puts his face into a pillow and lets out a heart-shattering scream which breaks Ankush’s heart.

When Adhik suggests that they inform Anupama about Choti Anu's situation, Anuj angrily declines the offer stating that he does not want to become an obstacle for Anupama.

In the meantime, Anupama finishes the aarti of lord Krishna with a heavy heart and urges everyone to give her some alone time as she needs to have a chat with lord Krishna.

Anupama pleads with her Kanhaji to bless everyone in the family, especially her Anu and Anuj.

She consoles herself by reminding her that Anuj has told her that he would call her if something happens to Anu.

However, when Anupama turns to walk away, her purse falls to the ground which creates an uneasy feeling in her stomach yet she decides not to think about it.

Whereas Barkha informs Pakhi that it is already time for Anupama's departure so Pakhi should leave, Pakhi says that she wants to see off Anupama and Anuj specifically orders Pakhi to keep everything hidden from Anupama.

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