Anupama 11th July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 11th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Pakhi lashing out at Anu and saying that they were living a good life when Anu was not in their life.

She asks Anu what problem she has and she asks her to sign NOC after that Kavya asks Anu if Toshu and Pakhi are real kids of Anu or if they were exchanged in the hospital.

Anuj takes a stand for Anu and says that her kids are very selfish and self-centered like Vanraj and not even just these kids all people standing there are selfish except Anu.

He says that everyone only knows how to exploit Anu while Vanraj asks Anuj to not interrupt then Anuj says that he will stand along with Anu unless she gets the respect that she deserves.

Adhya gets angry seeing Anuj taking a stand for Anu whereas Vanraj asks Anu if she is having a fear that everyone is getting a penthouse and whether she will be getting one or not.

He says that Anu is having a fear that she will not be left with anything after Anuj and Adhya will go from there after that Anuj says that Anuj does not need anything.

Kavya ask for an apology on Vanraj’s behalf while Anu says that she feels bad for Hashmuk and Leela as she cannot live peacefully seeing them living in a void ashram.

Titu tells Dimpy that he is going to Mumbai for some work after that he complains to Dimpy that she shouldn’t have asked for her share in the house as this house belongs to Leela and Hashmuk.

Dimpy says that Ansh is Samar’s son so he also deserves his share but Titu says that now Ansh belongs to him so he will look after him and assures Dimpy that he is capable enough to give a luxurious life to Ansh and her.

Later, Anu brings Podrige for Adhya but she keeps on yelling at her and hurts Anu by saying that she only loves herself and is using everyone for her purpose and she mentions her home breaker and laughs at her.

Anu does not say anything to her and she starts crying after that she says that she deserves the things that are happening to her and that Adhya goes from there.

Then, Anu goes into her room and bursts out in tears like a small baby recalling Adhya’s words and he asks god why is he testing her patience and she cries about her helplessness.

Meanwhile, Anuj goes to Adhya’s room and notices that she isn’t there while Anu asks god why he snatched Anuj from her.

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