Anupama 11th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 11th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj meeting Anu and asking her if she is crying again then she tells him that she isn't crying.

After that, Anuj tells her that he wants Adhya to come there so that she can forget her childhood trauma and move on in life and enjoy.

Then, he tells about Pari and says that he got to know from Dimpy about it and even Adhya felt bad for her while Anu stares at him when he takes Adhya's name but she does not tell him anything.

Anu asks why he has applied flour on his face after which he tells her that kids forced him to cook and to make Anu laugh, he says that he has applied a face pack which makes Anu laugh hard.

He becomes happy while the ladies of the Shah family get happy after seeing so much variety of food cooked by Shah men while Devika says that she never expected the men to cook such tempting dishes.

They decide to play a game where they taste dishes and guess who has made which dish after that they begin with the game and guess who cooked it.

Anu tries the dish and says that it is very tasty after which she says only Anuj can cook such a tasty dish and her guess gets correct while Kavya says that only Anu guesses correctly.

Just then, Mr. Gulati comes over there and Anu gets surprised to see him over there and she recalls the day when he came to her restaurant in the U.S. and how he was trying to convince her to join his restaurant.

Leela goes to welcome him and tells everyone that last week she met him when she went to Sarita's son's wedding and he does the work of catering and recently he has opened a branch in Ahmedabad.

She tells everyone that he is a social worker along with a caterer after that he intentionally points out at Anu and says that he is lucky to see her again in India and then he goes to touch the feet of Baapu ji.

Baapu ji refuses while Gulati ji taunts him and says that Anu has made all Indians proud in the U.S. after winning the best chef trophy but she refuses his offer of working with him.

Toshu tells Vanraj that Gulati is an egoistic person and Anu refuses his offer to work with him while Leela tells Bapu ji that she is happy after Dimpy's marriage with Titu.

On the other hand, Anu is worried and she becomes anxious after seeing Gulati while Adhya insists Anuj to go back to home along with her.

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