Anupama 11th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 11th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 11th October 2023 episode starts with Anupama going through Samar's toys and childhood belongings that had been kept in a box for many years.

After caressing the small dresses made for Samar, Anupama notices a small board with her name written on it.

Anupama stares at her name written there and says that Samar wrote her name the first after he learned how to write, making her heart hurt with pain once again.

As tears fall on the name written, Anupama proceeds to wipe it off and hears Samar's voice asking her why she is erasing the "ma" part from Anupama.

Anupama says that she has failed to be a good mother to him and could not protect her own child from the forthcoming danger and ominous signs.

Samar tells Anupama that he has already said many times that she is the best mother he could ask for but Anupama seems to forget the matter continuously.

Anupama says that she failed to protect Samar from death to which Samar replies that Anupama is not a God who can actually enlarge someone's lifespan.

Samar says that God had written that much life in his fate which is why Anupama is not to be blamed for whatever happened, neither should they accuse Anuj of anything.

Anupama's eyes get curious on hearing Anuj's name after which Samar takes her hand and asks her to promise him that she will bring herself and the entire family out of the shadow of sadness.

Anupama says that she cannot do something so difficult to which Samar asks her to stop crying as he can never stay happy if he always watches her cry like that.

Samar says death is a part of human life and others cannot just stop living because of one person dying and leaving the world.

With Samar saying that he cannot be happy if Anupama and others continue to lament every day, Anupama gets control over her emotions and smiles at Samar.

Anupama and Samar write her name on the slate again after which Samar disappears into thin air.

Everyone is shocked to see Anupama preparing snacks and tea for everyone with a smile on her face after which Leela asks Anupama how the pain vanished so early.

Anupama says that she wants to remember Samar through happy memories and not a crying face as Samar does not like such an attitude and has warned her.

Explaining to everyone how their grief has bound Samar from being free, Anupama says that she wants Samar to be happy wherever he goes and take his values with him.

Meanwhile, Anuj seems distracted as he continues to think about Anupama after which Ankush comes and asks Anuj to resume the business and concentrate on work.

Ankush explains to Anuj that they cannot stop living due to Samar's death after which Anuj asks Ankush to schedule all the meetings.

As Anuj impatiently asks Ankush how he can bear getting separated from Anupama and how she does not look at him anymore, Ankush turns Anuj the other way to face Anupama standing at the door.

Meanwhile, Pari cries a lot with Toshu struggling to handle her Kinjal has gone to the office when Dimple comes and starts pacifying Pari.

Dimple takes Pari with her after which everyone says that they need to bring Dimple out of the trauma very soon.

Anupama hugs Anu as she comes to her and goes inside to help her with the school project after which Anuj asks Ankush and Barkha to talk to Anupama.

They suggest Anuj give some time to Anupama but Anuj says that he cannot see any love in Anupama's eyes for him.

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