Anupama 12th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 12th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Shruti sitting on a knee with a ring in her hand as she proposes to Anuj to marry her when Anupama gets upset to see it while Aadya asks him to say it.

Anupama moves backward when she clashes with a container which makes Anuj worried and he leaves the ring, goes there when Aadya gets reminded about the time Anuj left her hand to save Anupama.

This makes Aadya and Shruti sad while Anupma leaves from there and goes outside as she cries.

Anuj sees Shruti and Aadya while the guests talk.

He spots the fallen ring and picks it up as he goes to Shruti, saying sorry to her.

Shruti says that it is okay and she must be unfortunate that her most valuable moment got the bad shadow of his past when Aadya accuses Anupama of doing it all intentionally as Hasmukh says that it is not like she thinks.

Leela says that Aadya is the second Pakhi.

She continues to blame Anupama for all the misfortune as she asks her guests to have food. 

Kavya worries about Anupama and Hasmukh agrees while Anupama goes recalling Aadya’s bitter words for her.

She somehow gathers courage and tells herself that she needs to take care of what is going on now and not about the past.

Meanwhile, the Shah family leaves while they praise the food when Kavya says that Anupama makes the best food as Vanraj asks about the atmosphere.

He adds that Anupama either plays the Victim card or plays the Great as he says that she has done it all deliberately to get attention.

He further says that if she did not want the attention then why did she not send the staff, and they leave.

Leela goes to Anupama, consoling her while Anupama asks her not to talk about what happened, and Leela and she ook together and enjoy their time.

They prepare the food as Anupama teaches her cutlery manners and talks about how she has learned a lot here.

Leela appreciates her for doing it all alone and says that her words might sound bitter but all she for her is love.

She asks her not to get bothered by anything but to focus on her career only.

Anupama asks her to teach her Gujrati dishes one by one and she agrees.

Yashdeep sees them and thinks that however sad she might be but forgets all the problems when she is in the restaurant and gets sad knowing it is going to shut down.

In the meantime, Anuj feels bad about what happened with Anupama today and smells something burning when he goes outside to see Aadya burning the skirt she sewed and cries.

On the flip side, the door keeps getting stuck when Anupama locks it and talks to it saying she will return the next morning.

The next day, the staff is confused to see the bank’s notice on the door when Anupama reaches there and is equally confused.

The staff asks her if she knows anything about it while she recalls her days spent at the restaurant and it has given her whatever she has now and cries.

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