Anupama 12th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 12th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 12th January 2024 episode starts with Yashpal tasting Anupama's dish while Anupama constantly thinks about the man she saw on the road, getting into the accident.

Yashpal tells Anupama that the food tastes very nice which brings Anupama back to reality and she thanks him for the compliment.

Anupama stands happy after Yashpal tells her that she can get the job of cook at the restaurant if she can cook food like that for a week without messing up anything after which the staff congratulates Anupama.

With the break time starting, Anupama gets the food packed and leaves for Shruti's house to give them the food for AK.

Meanwhile, Pakhi comes to talk to Vanraj and tells him that she needs to discuss something important with him but Leela comes in the middle to interfere.

Leela says that Vanraj does not need to listen to Pakhi as she always speaks nonsense when suddenly a neighbour comes at the door with her grandson Arjun, in an angry mood.

At the same time, Shruti tries to know what has happened to Anuj and why he is acting so restless but Anuj does not tell anyone that he has seen Anupama in America earlier.

Back to the Shahs, the neighbour complains that Ansh has beaten up Arjun and broken his toy but Leela denies believing that Ansh can do anything like that.

Vanraj asks Ansh to tell the truth after which he says that he has beaten up Arjun because he was teasing about the toy, leaving everyone silent.

As Vanraj says sorry to the neighbour and assures her to compensate her for the loss, the old lady says that Vanraj and his family need to teach Ansh some manners first if they want him to act nicely with others.

Vanraj gets triggered as the old lady talks about Anupama's cultural values in her kids and asks her to not not mention those things.

After the lady leaves, Vanraj explains to Ansh that fighting with friends is not a good thing and he should say sorry to Arjun after they buy the toy for both Ansh and Arjun the next day.

Meanwhile, Anupama reaches Shruti's house and confronts Aadhya as she opens the door for her and takes the food, saying that Shruti will pay her online.

Aadhya instantly shuts the door over Anupama's face and says that she can't let Anuj meet Anupama when Shruti comes and gets the food with Aadhya lying that Miss Joshi was busy.

Anuj tastes the food and gets reminded of Anupama after which he tells Shruti that they will have their dinner in her favourite restaurant while Shruti asks him to get rest.

On the other hand, Pakhi tells Vanraj about her part in the property to which Vanraj says that Hasmukh has not permitted them to sell the house.

As Leela asks Pakhi about how greedy she is, Pakhi announces that she is going to live with them only as she needs her property to settle down in her life.

Later, Shruti calls Anupama and tells her how AK loved her food and they would be coming to the restaurant that night to have dinner together.

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