Anupama 12th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 12th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Devika asking about Anupama's feelings for Anuj but she hides her feelings from Devika.

Meanwhile, Vanraj searches for his phone and cannot find it anywhere after that he meets Ansh and asks him if he has seen it then Ansh tells him that he hasn't seen it.

Mahi finds it near the sofa and she handovers it to Vanraj he snatches it from her hand and goes away from there.

Kavya finds it weird but she does not say anything while Devika tries to provoke Anu's anger by discussing Adhya and Shruti with her.

Anu does not listen to her and says that Anuj is a very good person and he brought her back into the house because Adhya needed her then Devika raises her voice and asks her to tell aboyt her feelings for Anuj.

On the other hand, Shruti reads the diary written by Anu and she gets a hint that she still loves Anuj which makes her anxious and she thinks about it.

Shruti decides to go t simpy's wedding so that she can keep an eye on Anupama or she should do something to bring him back to the U.S.A

Meanwhile, Devika keeps on asking Anu about her feelings for Anuj so she accepts her feelings for Anuj and tells her that she still loves Anuj and will keep on loving him till her last breath.

Anuj overhears their conversation and he becomes happy after hearing that Anu loves her Vanraj discusses stopping Titu's wedding with Dimpy while Mahi overhears it.

She asks about it after which he lies to her that he was discussing his friend's son's wedding but Mahi asks him why is he lying then he scolds her and asks her to stay away from his things otherwise he will send him back to the hostel.

Mahi becomes terrified and says that she wants to live with him and Kavya and does not wants to go to the hostel while Anu tells Devika that Anuj has moved on in his life and now he is going to marry Shruti so she does not want to come between him and Shruti.

Anuj regrets and tries to control his anger while Dimpy meets Titu in the temple and he again does not tell his truth to her which makes him anxious Dimpy hugs him and asks what was he about to tell her.

Titu lies to her and says that there is nothing to tell after which Dimpy asks him to come on time in sangeet whereas Anu tells Devika that now she just wants to focus on spice and chutney.

Later, Dimpy meets Kinjal and they both decide to take a stand for themselves in their life like Anupama while Anuj curses himself for not waiting for Anu.

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