Anupama 12th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 12th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Toshu explaining to his creditors that he couldn't arrange money despite continuous tries and now Anupama is in jail because of him but they aren't ready to listen.

This argument leads to a physical fight as they beat Toshu.

Meanwhile, Anuj recalls that Shruti is unwell and he calls Aadya as she is worried and confused.

She asks him to return as soon as possible and starts crying while Anuj stands restless.

On the other hand, Vanraj comes to the rescue as he beats up the men while they ask for their money.

Listening to this, Vanraj takes all his rings and chains off and gives them to them.

He further asks Toshu to come clean and tells him to confess the truth as Toshu stands quiet.

Simultaneously, Yashdeep receives Bjiji's call as she asks her what is the update and how is Anupam doing.

She further asks them not to worry about money and get her out of jail anyhow.

Yashdeep assures her that Anupama will be out soon as she cries and asks him if they found out who is behind all this.

Yashdeep says that he suspects someone as he recalls Toshu near Anupama's bag and says that he can't say before it is confirmed.

On the flip side, Anupama cries in jail talking to God, asking what she has done wrong for which she is bearing consequences.

Going back, Vanraj scolds Toshu for what he did while he explains himself saying he did this all to save Pari.

Vanraj wonders and says that getting Anupama into trouble was not a solution while Toshu says that he was sure no one would check Anupama's bag since Anuj was there.

Vanraj shuts him up and says that he should have asked him for help but he keeps on giving absurd answers to Vanraj.

This makes Vanraj furious as he asks Toshu to think once about what Anupama must be going through.

In the meantime, Anupama gets suffocated in the jail while she talks to herself saying that Anuj will get her out anyhow, and anyway, they have the CCTV footage which will prove that she is innocent.

Elsewhere, Toshu doesn't accept his mistake and keeps on justifying it while Vanraj explains to him that dreaming big is not wrong but opting for shortcuts is wrong.

Back in the jail, Anupama reads the newspaper which says that the police kept an innocent woman inside the jail for 15 years and this makes her tense as she starts shouting and screaming.

On the flip side, Vanraj says that Anupama doesn't deserve this and asks him why he took this much money from them.

He asks Vanraj not to tell anyone and he will sort things out as he promises him that he will work wisely.

Anupama, on the other hand, gets breathless as she shivers and prays for God to take her out while an officer comes and calms her down.

She tells her that her bail is granted as she sees Beeji and Yashdeep and Beeji hugs her while she thanks her.

On the other hand, Leela and Kinjal see bruises on Toshu's face and ask about it while Vanraj covers for him.

Anupama is still in trauma as Biji comforts her while Anupama thanks Yashdeep and Biji.

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