Anupama 12th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 12th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Baa asking Vanraj to wash feet of Titu as per the ritual but he refuses to do it after which Baa says that if he will not wash it then she will have to do it.

Meanwhile, Titu also says that he does not want Vanraj to wash his feet because it will be disrespectful to him after that he says that he wants to wash the feet of Vanraj as he is older than him.

Everyone is impressed by Titu's gesture while Anu and Anuj enjoy the ritual through video call while Vanraj asks Titu to stop doing the drama but Titu asks him to accept that he has started liking him.

Just then, Aarti thali falls from the kid's hand after which Vanraj says that it is a sign of something wrong going to take place soon while Anu tells him that nothing wrong happens from kids as they are shadows of lord Krishna.

After that, everyone does the tilak ceremony of Titu and Dimple but Ansh does not do it after which Titu asks him to complete the ceremony and assures him that he will become the world's best father for him and do everything for him.

Ansh does the tilak ceremony after that Anu becomes happy while Kavya clicks a family photo which makes everyone happy whereas Shruti comes outside of her room and notices that Anu and Anuj are enjoying the ceremony together.

Meanwhile, Aadhya wonders she used to dance a lot in childhood but she has left doing everything after coming foreign while Dimpy asks Anu what surprise is she going to give.

Vanraj asks her if she is going to marry Anuj again after which she yells at him for saying anything after that she tells everyone that Yashdeep sir has proposed to her to become co-owner of Spice and Chutney.

Everyone becomes happy after hearing this news and starts dancing whereas Vanraj does not react much after hearing the news.

Meanwhile, Shruti hears the clapping voice which irritates her whereas Toshu does pooja long with Pari and his wife after which she tells him that today is Akshay Tritiya and asks him to start a new day.

Toshu does not listen to him whereas Pari tells them that she will serve food to her homeless friend so that god can do good things in her life.

Kinjal asks her to do things selflessly after which Toshu asks Kinjal to stop teaching useless things to Pari which leads to an argument between them.

Toshu expresses his anger that Anu did not invest money in him instead she gave all of her money to Yash Deep after which she tells him that Anu has become co-owner of the spice and chutney along with Yashdeep.

Kinjal asks Toshu to accept the job offer given by Anu whereas Anuj asks Shruti to do pooja after which she tries to do the tilak but she is not able to do it then Adhaya asks Anu to do the pooja.

After that, Shruti thanks Anu for doing pooja on behalf of her family to make Anu feel bad whereas Ansh asks Titu to have lunch along with him after which Kavya's daughter asks Vanraj to have lunch along with her but he refuses.

Meanwhile, Shruti insists Anuj fix their wedding date but he asks her to wait for some time after which she asks Anu to convince him Anu instead of convincing him assures her that after Dimple's wedding soon they will think of her and Anuj's wedding too.

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