Anupama 12th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 12th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 12th September 2023 episode starts with Anupama spotting Romil standing in front of a door and calling someone while she tries to hide herself from Romil as he turns that way to see things.

Romil seems tense and gets frustrated as his friend does not pick up his call while Anupama confirms that there is something suspicious going on with Romil.

Without waiting anymore, Romil takes out the key from the bottom of the plant tub and opens the door.

Romil widens his eyes as soon as he enters the room after which Anupama also stands at the door and her eyes check the things inside making her scream Pakhi's name.

Anupama runs inside and checks the bag on the table which actually belongs to Pakhi but it does not contain anything important like her mobile phone.

Romil shivers in nervousness as he watches Anupama crying and hugging Pakhi's bag and prepares himself for what is about to come.

Meanwhile, Vanraj walks out of the Shah house with Leela and others coming after him and asking him where he is going to which Vanraj answers that he will search for Pakhi himself as he cannot relax.

Leela asks Vanraj to wait patiently and not be irritational as he has not slept or eaten anything for the two days Pakhi has been gone.

Vanraj says that even though he is acting like he is strong, in reality, he is crumbling from the inside and it will not be right to stop himself from searching for the thing he wants.

Samar and Toshu come to Vanraj and assure him that they will bring Pakhi home as her brothers are still alive and can search for their sister.

At the same time, Anupama checks the room with a quick glance and wonders what Pakhi would do in such a place after which her eyes fall on Romil who is crying while kneeling on the floor.

Toshu tells Samar that he knows a few people who would know everything about the kidnapping scene but they are certainly good people.

Samar hesitates a bit to ask for help from them but as Toshu says that it can get late before they discover things, Samar agrees at once as they will do whatever they can to find Pakhi.

Meanwhile, Anupama confronts Romil and asks him where Pakhi is and why he hid everything up until now even though he saw everyone getting upset like that and losing their peace.

Romil continues to shed tears and does not answer Anupama's question even though she repeatedly asks him where Pakhi is and he even saw Adhik getting arrested knowing that he did not do anything.

Anupama grabs Romil's shirt and drags him outside to take him to the family but Romil gets on his knees and asks Anupama to listen to him once.

As Anupama refuses to listen to Romil and his apologies, Romil says that he did everything because he wanted to take revenge on Pakhi and Adhik.

Elsewhere, Toshu and Samar meet that person who tells them that Pakhi has not been kidnapped and might have been sold in the human trafficking chain which leaves them horrified.

A girl similar to Pakhi bumps into Samar and Toshu's car and tells them that she was shooting a social media video after which they lecture her for risking her life.

Coming back, Romil says that Adhik and Pakhi have not let him live in peace and conspired against him by blaming him for stealing the money.

Romil tells Anupama how he planned to lock Pakhi in that room for one day by calling her through his friend to surprise Adhik but now he does not know where she went after his friend unlocked the room.

Romil says that Pakhi and Adhik deserved such a prank which makes Anupama slap him.

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