Anupama 13th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 13th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 13th December 2023 episode starts with Kinjal explaining to Leela that the food she is giving Pari is safe but Leela keeps comparing the contemporary world with the old times.

Leela decides to feed Pari the homely food prepared while Kinjal asks Pari to eat fast as they will go to meet Anupama. 

Kinjal says even though Anupama will come to the house, she wants to go and meet her first, making Leela inform Kinjal about Vanraj's restrictions. 

There, Anuj tries to console Anu, saying he will buy gifts for her later.

However, Anupama gives Anu a new art book she bought for Anu, making her happy. 

Malti Devi gets annoyed to see her plan failed while Anu sees all the gifts and feels jealous. 

Elsewhere, Kinjal tells Leela that it's wrong to stop Anupama, adding that Anupama will be invited on Pari's birthday.

Kinjal states that if Anupama doesn't come, the cake will not be cut.

Meanwhile, Anuj explains to Anu that it's Pari's birthday the next day so Anupama buys more gifts for her. 

Anupama tells Anu to state whatever she needs but she rudely replies that she doesn't need anything and throws the art book too.

Titu dances, recalling the recent incident about Vanraj doubting his friendship with Dimpi and notices her standing there. 

At the house, Anupama gives Anu a cake and gems to decorate it, making Anu do it happily. 

Anupama tells Anuj that she will go to meet Pari as it's her birthday and doesn't care about Vanraj's restrictions. 

Anu again gets upset when she knows that the cake is for Pari while Anuj tells Anupama that he will answer back if Vanraj offends her. 

Elsewhere, Titu tells Dimpi that he will return to Mumbai and asks if he can keep in contact with her. 

Dimpi agrees to it, making Titu take a selfie with her before leaving.

She cries as she sees Titu leaving and Titu cries after coming out but acts strong. 

At the Shah's, Vanraj inflates the balloons as it is Pari's first birthday when Toshu asks Vanraj if he is still upset with them. 

Vanraj says he understands their decision but asks Toshu to keep coming to visit them.

At the Mansion, Anupama prepares everything to be taken for Pari's birthday and Anu keeps feeling insecure and jealous. 

At the party, Kinjal brings Pari while Vanraj tells Leela to see his boss' son and shows Dimpi standing next to Toshu and Pari. 

Vanraj says about getting a cake from a luxurious hotel while Toshu thinks about Kinjal inviting Anupama and fears everyone's reaction.

While driving, Anupama gets excited to meet Pari while Anu sees the cake kept next to her in the car. 

Later, Vanraj introduces Dimpi to his boss and his son while Kavya asks Kinjal if she is waiting for Anupama and both hope for her arrival. 

Afterwards, Anupama remembers Vanraj's warning and stops just before reaching the Shah house. 

Just then, Anuj calls her and asks her to return if her heart isn't allowing her to go but she can go if her heart wants.

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