Anupama 13th February 2023 Written Update

Anupama 13th February 2023 Written Update

Anupama 13th February 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 13th February 2023 episode starts with Anupama wiping Toshu's tears as she reminds him that he mustn’t think this situation is his punishment for hurting her or anyone else.

Toshu weeps as he introspects how bad a person he is.

Meanwhile, Leela is overwhelmed by the burden of things she needs to take care of and Hasmukh helps her out while trying to calm her down.

When Toshu cries that he would have rather died than be paralyzed, Anupama scolds him for this.

As Toshu falls asleep, Anuj and Anupama leave as Vanraj reassures her that Toshu will be taken care of by them.

When Anupama arrives home, she’s shocked to see Maya bring Anu snacks and care for her lovingly.

On spotting Anupama standing in the doorway, Choti Anu runs into her arms as Anupama wraps her in a hug.

Anupama remembers the timeline of 15 days she’d given Maya to warm up to Anu while Maya says that she has been counting the days too and 3 days remain.

She adds that all this time Anupama was away, she spent all of her time with Anu.

While Maya coyly questions Anupama if she’d rather start over the 15 days, Anupama ignores her.

Just then, Barkha interjects that Maya has not only been taking good care of Anu but Anuj too and Anupama worries that Maya is trying to take away her husband too.

She’s relieved as Anuj stops Maya from making tea as he would like to have tea made by Anupama.

He adds that Anupama’s presence makes this house feel like home while Maya jealously stares at Choti Anu making demands from Anupama.

On the other hand, Toshu desperately calls Kinjal and she realizes Toshu has wet his bed.

Toshu cries embarrassed at it but Kinjal assures him it is alright.

Meanwhile, Pari cries and Kinjal struggles to handle both Toshu and her at the same time.

Rakhi silently observes all this as she stands at the door, infuriated at the way Kinjal is left to cater to Toshu’s needs all alone.

As Kinjal hands over Pari to Rakhi to help out Toshu, she recalls all of their difficult moments.

Rakhi then says she has something to tell Kinjal as well as the Shahs, it may be hard to digest but important to hear.

Meanwhile, Vanraj demeans Kavya for dressing up and going out as soon as Toshu is back and she questions the double standard that if he had been going to the office, this question would not be raised.

Vanraj asks her to be there for Toshu but she explains to him that there’s only so much she can do for Toshu as she’s not his mother.

Vanraj breaks down saying that he’s actually the one who needs her.

Kavya reminds him that though she’s not trying to seek revenge as there was a time he had purposefully ignored her when she needed his love.

She tells him that her work truly demands her to be there and tries to make Vanraj understand that Toshu’s recovery can take months or years, a truth they can’t run away from.

Back at the Kapadia household, Maya enviously witnesses Choti Anu sit on Anupama’s lap as they enjoy Anuj’s love and attention.

She envisions replacing Anupama on that same dining table and tries to act motherly in front of Anupama asking Anu to pack her bag.

Anu tells her that she need not worry anymore as her mother is back and makes demands for lunch and snacks from Anupama.

Craving to get even a fraction of Anu’s attention, Maya further asks Anu to finish her dinner so that she can put her to bed but Anu possessively replies that she will sleep with her mother, Anupama, today.

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