Anupama 13th February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 13th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 13th February 2024 episode starts with Anupama asking Anuj what he wants to tell her as he made her stay so desperately which makes Anuj restless.

Anuj says that he needs to ask the same thing that has been eating away his heart all these years about why Anupama left him and Anu five years ago.

Anupama tells Anuj that she left because she had hurt him and Anu a lot to which Anuj questions Anupama about every relationship in nature having some issues in them but that does not mean that one decides to leave the other.

Anupama talks about the numerous complaints Anuj had in his heart and how he was getting pressured by her baggage.

Anuj says that he just once decided to talk to Anupama about his honest feelings and Anupama just left him for expressing such things as it would have been his right to have grievances from his wife at times.

Anuj tells Anupama that she should have advised Anuj about the right thing and they would have fought with each other which would at least ensure that they would stay together.

Anupama tries to suppress her feelings as Anuj says that he has been wondering as a corpse for the past few years because of Anupama's absence from his life.

Anuj tells Anupama that fate has brought them together after several years to which Anupama instantly states that it does not mean anything important at this point.

Hearing that leaves Anuj confused and he tells Anupama that he wants to stay with her for the rest of their lives as she is the only one he loves.

Anupama says that they cannot be together as their story has ended and Adhya also hates her while Anuj asks Anupama if she expects him to live all his life suffocating in the same manner.

As Anuj calls Anupama "Anu" repeatedly, Anupama asks him to stop but Anuj replies that Anu is there in his whole existence after which he continues to take her name.

Anupama stands up with frustration on hearing her name from Anuj and says that he already has someone in his life which is why he should stop.

Anuj says that he knows better than Anupama that he is unable to love any other women which is why he is trying to get back his lifeline.

As Anupama tries to leave, Anuj holds onto her saree to stop her while Shruti stands in front of Anupama with a horrified expression on her face.

Meanwhile, Ishani and Mahi request Dimpy to call Teetu as they want to talk to him and Dimpy asks them to keep it secret after which Teetu talks to them, promising to come to the dance academy the next day.

Anupama stares at Shruti with horror in her eyes and pulls back her saree from Anuj's hands after which she runs away, leaving Anuj facing Shruti.

Shruti leaves without saying one word after which Anuj also comes after her while Anupama runs far away from the venue and blames herself for ruining everything.

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