Anupama 13th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 13th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 13th January 2024 episode starts with Vikram finding Anupama crying by herself and asking her what has gone wrong which makes her sad all of a sudden.

Anupama says that she cannot get rid of memories from the past no matter how much she tries which is why she is feeling lonely.

As Vikram reminds Anupama that they can't change their reality, Anupama wishes for her family's continued happiness and health.

Anupama discusses what she will cook for Shruti and AK when they come later for dinner and decides to make palak paneer which will be special in every sense.

Meanwhile, Dimpy plays with Ishani when Leela gives them prasad after which they notice Pakhi bringing two of her friends inside the house.

Pakhi welcomes her friends and tells Leela that their flight is delayed which is why she decided to bring them home shortly but Leela is least interested in talking with them.

After introducing the friends to Leela and Dimpy, Pakhi asks Dimpy to make coffee for her friends while one of Pakhi's friends wonders why Dimpy hasn't remarried after her husband's death.

Leela gets offended on hearing the question and says that such things do not happen in their household as they treat Dimpy as their daughter instead of daughter-in-law.

Dimpy brings water for the guests while Pakhi asks Ishani to greet the guests but she does not listen to her.

With Dimpy commanding Ishani and her responding to it, the friends tell Pakhi that her daughter listens better to Dimpy instead of Pakhi who is her mother which triggers Pakhi.

Pakhi says that Dimpy is the person who looks after Ishani most of the time as Pakhi remains busy with her work and business after which Dimpy brings coffee and snacks with Pakhi scolding her for bringing the wrong cookies.

However, Pakhi becomes silent as Vanraj enters the house and says that Dimpy will not do anything in a loud and serious voice.

Elsewhere, Anupama buys flowers for the restaurant and returns when she spots the dance group that helped her to get money on her second day in America.

Anupama teaches them some Indian classical moves and notices one small girl copying them after which Anupama comes to talk to her, discovering her name to be Angel.

While talking to the child, she runs away to her father who turns out to be Toshu, leaving Anupama shocked as she remembers her memories.

However, Anupama shouts Toshu's name while he sits in the taxi to leave and Toshu asks the driver to leave even though he spots Anupama and widens his eyes.

On the other hand, Vanraj makes Pakhi say sorry to Dimpy for insulting her in front of her friends because he does not want Dimpy to leave the house under any condition.

Vanraj tells himself that he has reached the sky but Anupama is still confined in the kitchen after all these years which seems to be her position.

Anupama comes back to the restaurant and drops the cooked food while thinking about Toshu and Pari after they start to panic about what they should serve to Shruti and AK.

However, Shruti calls and informs Anupama that they cannot come that night because Aadhya having another panic attack which Aadhya has faked to stop Anuj from going to the restaurant.

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