Anupama 13th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 13th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj regreting his decision to allow Anu to go away from him and says that still they both feel for each other and think about each other.

He says that he is confused and does not know what to do while Anu asks Devika to not ask about Anuj otherwise she will get lost in him and get tangled in his love again.

Anu asks her to focus on Tapesh's wedding and find that strange lady who was about to tell something related to Tapesh and after that, everyone will go on their way.

She asks for an apology from Devika for yelling at her even after knowing that she always does a lot for her while Devika asks her to not be so formal with her and she asks her to tell whatever she feels.

After that, Anu goes from there while Devika says that Anu and Anuj's pair is like Radha and Krishna while Kavya finds matching clips of Mahi as per her dress.

Then, she finds her and Vanraj's photo of their wedding and realizes that today is their wedding anniversary while Vanraj does not remember it but she still gets emotional and is about to hug him while he goes from there.

Meanwhile, Anuj goes to pick up Devika and Anu while Devika thanks him for coming there and she sits in the back of the car so that Anu can sit beside Anuj.

Both of them feel awkward and stare at each other but do not say anything after that Anuj opens the door for Anu and she sits beside him and they go for further functions of Dimpy's wedding.

Later on, kids give special performances for Dimpy and Titu which makes everyone happy over there and they clap for them and Kinjal along with other family members praises them.

Kids tell them that Adhya taught them dancing which makes Anu happy while Shruti wonders why Adhya is not responding to her calls and messages.

Vanraj and Leela wonder why Titu hasn't come yet as he assures her that he will come on time to Sangeet while Adhya notices Shruti's call and gives her updates.

Kinjal asks Dimpy to not worry while Gulati comes along with Rahul over there and tells everyone that Rahul is his manager which surprises Toshu and he asks him what is he doing there.

Rahul shows arrogance toward him and goes to work while Gulati meets Anuj and taunts him if he does like him coming over there whereas Leela's neighbor asks her why she allowed Anu to come over there.

Baapu ji comes over there and asks them to go from there whereas the couple' dance begins and everyone asks Anu to dance along with Anuj which makes Adhya angry.

Just then, a constable comes over there and asks for Dimple and says that they have come there to arrest Dimpy for robbery.

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