Anupama 13th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 13th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama recalling everything as she is not yet over the trauma as she gets worried that her going to jail must have left such a bad impression on their customers.

Beeji says let it be while Yashdeep asks her not to worry as business is all about profit and loses and they all will come to the restaurant when they come to know about the truth.

Anupama thanks them for trusting her while Beeji tells her to learn her lesson.

Meanwhile, Toshu cries as he says sorry to Anupama in his heart while Kinjal comes and gives her turmeric milk.

Kinjal sees him as she asks him why he doesn't know when this theft happened while he says he doesn't know anything as Kinjal asks him if he stole the necklace to return the money.

He gets shocked to hear this and says he did not do anything and leaves.

Kinjal says to herself that she is sure Toshu is hiding something.

Meanwhile, Yashdeep takes Anupama to the restaurant he says he wants to talk to Anupama.

Back at Toshu's home, Kinjal asks Vanraj if he is hiding something as she thinks Toshu is.

Meanwhile at the restaurant, the staff welcomes her with flowers as they say that they trust her.

She gets overwhelmed and says thanks to everyone while Yashdeep says that she has earned this love and respect herself as Vikram quotes that what goes around, comes around.

Anupama promises herself to start with new thinking the next day while Vikram says that whoever got her into this trouble must get harsh punishment.

On the flip side, Toshu and everyone sits inside the home as the bell rings and Vanraj opens the door to find Anupama.

Kinjal hugs her while they ask her how she is back as she tells them that Yashdeep got her bail.

Leela gets suspicious about Yashdeep as she says that Anuj should have taken this responsibility while Kinjal says that it was their responsibility too.

Anupama asks Toshu if he knows who is behind all this.

Back in Mumbai, Aadya and Shruti wait for Anuj to come and she gets frustrated.

Concurrently, Toshu explains himself as he says that he doesn't know anything since he was busy with other things too.

Leela asks her to spare Toshu as he doesn't know anything while Toshu agrees and says he is unaware of everything and blames Toshu for everything.

Anupama further accuses him of getting the theft done while he asks why would he do so as it has hampered his job.

Anupama explains herself and keeps asking him questions while Leela asks her not to trouble Toshu.

On the flip side, the kids play while Kavya, Dimpy, and Hasmukh talk about them. Elsewhere, Yashdeep and Beeji talk about Anupama who keeps on facing problems.

On the flip side, Leela asks her not to doubt Toshu while she tells what she has been through while she asks Leela why she didn't get her bail as they are her so-called own while she reminds her of a past incident.

She decides that she will find the real culprit as she can't bear fake allegations.

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