Anupama 13th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 13th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anupama telling Anuj and everyone that today is the reopening of spice and chutney as today is the auspicious day.

She asks them if they will come there then it will make her happy after that Anuj says that they will come for sure then Anu goes to bring Prasad while Adhya says that she won't come.

Shruti assures him that she will come along with him whereas Yashdeep's biji gets happy and does dance after which he also dances along with her.

She gives her ring and asks him to propose to Anu after that she goes from there while Yashdeep becomes nervous and thinks about what will happen today.

He thinks if Anu gets offended then he will lose a friend like her whereas Ansh starts to cough after which Vanraj goes to see him and scolds Titu for feeding him Aamras.

Titu tells him that he didn't feed Aamras to Ansh after that Ansh tells him that he ate Chuski due to which he had a cough which makes Vanraj feel embarrassed for scolding Titu.

Titu tells Vanraj that he knows how to take care of his child while Leela wonders what will happen next after that Baappu Ji assures her that things will change soon.

Meanwhile, Yashdeep and Anu go for the reopening of Spice and Chutney and everyone becomes happy and they give credit to Anu for making this happen again.

Anu says that every one of them has contributed equally to it and they become happy after that journalist comes there and asks Anu to write a bibliography Anu says that if it is so then every woman should write a story on her life.

She tells them that she has reached there along with the support of her family and friends after that they ask Anu how is she feeling after becoming the owner of the restaurant and what are her plans.

Then, Anu asks them to live in a present after that everyone enjoys and dances while Anuj captures photos and videos the ring falls from Yashdeep's pocket and Anuj notices it.

He wonders about it after that Yashdeep takes the ring from Anuj's hand and says that it is his ring Anuj goes near to him and asks if it is for Anu then Yashdeep tells him that today he is going to tell what is in his heart for Anu.

Anuj asks him if he loves Anu after that Yashdeep tells him that he loves Anu very much after that Anuj asks him if Anu knows about it then Yashdeep tells him that she isn't aware of it but today she will get to know about it.

Yashdeep tells Anuj that every relationship is not a give-and-take relationship and he does not expect much from Anu after that Anuj feels bad for himself.

After that, Anu does an inauguration with everyone after that Anuj praises Anu while Kinju and Pari meet her then Toshu also comes there and asks her what job has she thought of for him.

Anu tells him that she wants him to become a waiter, but he feels offended and says that he will not do this work then Anu explains to him that no work is small or big after that she gives him time to think and come on time tomorrow for work.

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