Anupama 13th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 13th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 13th October 2023 episode starts with Vanraj telling Suresh that Samar's life is not so cheap that he can buy it with some pieces of plastic.

Vanraj and Anupama stand straight and Anupama says that she wants to see Sonu getting punished for his crimes after which she will consider this job done.

Suresh says that middle-class people like them tend to get sold for some money to which Anupama challenges Suresh to make that happen as both of them are present there only.

Suresh grits his teeth in anger and tells Anupama and Vanraj that their one son is already dead which is why they will not want their family to be in danger.

Hasmukh says that the family will always be Vanraj and Anupama's strength instead of their weakness after which all the Shahs come and stand behind Anupama and Vanraj.

Suresh says that he had come to convince them sweetly but he has to take another way to fulfil his demand.

Vanraj comes closer to Suresh and tells him that they do not beat up their guests or else he will not be able to stand despite having two bodyguards protecting him.

Suresh, Sonu, and their men return to their car and drive away from the neighbourhood with the Shah family standing at their gate.

Later, Pakhi is sitting in the Kapadia mansion when a parcel comes for her and she gets emotional seeing a photo of her, Samar, and Toshu together framed with love.

Pakhi starts crying and tells Adhik and Romil that Samar must have decided to give the picture to frame it as she expressed her wish to do it without knowing that it would be their last picture together.

Romil hugs Pakhi and tells her that even though he cannot replace Samar in her life, he will try to become a brother who keeps her happy and smiling.

Adhik places a kiss on Pakhi's forehead and asks her to rest a bit when Anuj comes and says that the culprit will surely get punished.

Pakhi does not look at Anuj and says that she does not want to talk to him as he is the reason Samar lost his life which shocks everyone.

After Pakhi leaves, Adhik apologizes to Anuj but Anuj says that he is to blame for all this going on.

The police inspector informs Vanraj and Anupama about their investigation and says that they could not find any CCTV footage or get the gun from which the bullet was fired which is why they had to let Sonu go.

Vanraj talks about their eye-witness statements but the inspector says that they cannot just charge based on statements and need something more concrete than that.

Vanraj thanks the inspector for doing his best and acknowledges his efforts after which the inspector assures Vanraj and Anupama that they will try to do their best.

Meanwhile, Kavya gets suspicious of seeing the auto driver drive so rashly and tries to call Anupama or Vanraj but no one picks up the calls.

Kavya asks the driver to slow down nervously after which the driver says that Kavya should tell her husband to take back Sonu's case.

Kavya gets thrown out of the auto and starts screaming in pain while holding her stomach as she lies in the middle of nowhere.

Elsewhere, Anupama comes back and Anuj asks her about how everyone is doing to which she replies with a nod.

Anuj talks about the legal fight against Sonu and his father but Anupama says that it is a mother's fight now and she will get the justice for Samar.

Anupama cries while staring at Samar's picture while Anuj brings food for her and stands nervously at the door.

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