Anupama 13th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 13th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 13th September 2023 episode starts with Anuj worrying about Anupama being absent from the house without informing anyone.

Anuj tries to connect a call to her while Adhik tells Barkha that Romil is also not home yet which means that he is somehow involved in the matter although Anuj does not take that comment seriously.

Meanwhile, Anupama shouts at Adhik and tells him that he deserves more slaps for such a narrow mentality.

Shaking him fiercely, Anupama says that revenge is not taken on the family even though there are fights, disagreements, clashes and everything becomes complicated.

Anupama talks about how the children of Romil's age always take things for granted and easily play it as a prank while the prank hurts everyone deeply and destroys everything.

Romil says that he did not expect the matter to turn that big to which Anupama says that locking a girl up like that is not a small thing as she will be in a traumatic experience.

Anupama asks Romil if he could not see their condition from the moment Pakhi had been gone but still decided to play his grand prank on everyone.

At the same time, Anuj asks Adhik why he is Romil's name so much to which Adhik replies that they might not trust him but he thinks that it is Romil who is involved in Pakhi's case which makes Anuj think again.

Anupama asks Romil to call his friend who locked Pakhi in that room which Romil obeys and puts the call on speaker so that Anupama can hear things clearly.

The friend picks up the call in nervousness and Romil asks him where Pakhi is as the room is empty and only her belongings are there.

Anupama snatches the phone and tells the friend to reveal Pakhi's location or else she will put him behind bars to which the friend says that he does not know where Pakhi went after he had opened the door.

On further pushing, the friend reveals that he gave two or three sleeping pills to Pakhi with water as she was shouting continuously and making noise which was uncontrollable.

The call gets disconnected and Anupama huffs in anxiety on hearing about the sleeping pills as those medicines will drug the senses and Pakhi must not be in her senses in the present.

Anupama asks Romil who will take responsibility if something happens to Pakhi and says that Romil is the one who will bear that burden forever and be drowned in guilt.

Anupama tries to call Anuj to let him know about the matter but she does not network on her phone after which Anuj calls Romil and Anupama picks up the call with a shaky voice.

Meanwhile, Samar and Toshu reach a location and look around for Pakhi but miss her by mere seconds after which she struggles to walk straight and falls down to the ground.

A few men spot Pakhi mumbling in a drugged state and come toward her with malicious intentions.

Elsewhere, Adhik attacks Romil as he comes back home with Anupama and says that he will kill Romil but the others stop him.

Romil tries to make excuses for his actions but Adhik and Barkha ask Anuj to call the police with Ankush also agreeing.

As Romil requests Anuj not to call the police, Anuj asks him to shut his mouth as he will decide later what he should do with him.

On the other hand, Vanraj overhears that Samar and Toshu failed to find Pakhi anywhere and gets heartbroken.

Back to Pakhi, the men retract their hands and leave as Malti Devi appears there and recognizes Pakhi lying on the ground as Anupama's daughter.

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