Anupama 14th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 14th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 14th April 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 14th April 2023 episode starts with Anu coming back to Anuj's house after her trip gets over making Anuj beam with happiness.

Anuj and Anu hug each other while Maaya gets happy seeing that the three of them are finally together.

After Anu goes through the things that Anuj bought from the shopping list, Anu asks Anuj if he bought the saree for Anupama which leaves Anuj silent.

Anuj lies that he bought the saree and sent it to Anupama through Dheeraj's hand making Anu happy and she decides to call Anupama a bit later.

Maaya tells Anuj that they need to give more love and affection to Anu so that she stops remembering Anupama to which Anuj nods in silence.

Meanwhile, Pakhi continues to tell the family members about how Dimple made Anupama leave the dance academy in an exaggerated fashion.

Samar hears the discussion and tells Pakhi that he was sure that she would cause a scene sooner or later about this matter.

Pakhi replies that she is not blind like him who cannot see what their lover is doing wrong and remain silent about it.

Vanraj hears about Anupama leaving the dance academy and worries about her condition as the dance academy was a part of her identity.

At the same time, Anupama thanks Kanta and Bhavesh for doing so much for her and shares a warm hug with them.

Anupama compliments Kanta's artistic skills and tells Kanta that she never knew that Kanta was capable of drawing that well.

Kanta says that she herself discovered it yesterday as she never had a chance to use that skill in any situation after her marriage.

Anupama says that they sometimes forget what their real talent is until they decide to revive it and make use of it in their real life.

Meanwhile, Vanraj enters the argument and asks Samar how he was able to let Anupama go even though he was the son that stood by her in every situation.

Samar asks everyone why they are making Dimple the villain and says that Dimple did not force Anupama to leave the academy as it was Anupama's own decision.

Pakhi talks about Dimple's proposition of changing the dance academy's name and how it hurt Anupama.

On the other hand, Barkha gets to know about Anupama leaving the dance academy from Dimple and assures her that she is right.

Adhik rushes to Pakhi after hearing about Anupama knowing that Pakhi would be stressed.

Pakhi says that Samar and Dimple were busy celebrating Dimple's divorce after Anupama left and blames Samar for hurting Anupama.

Leela tells Samar that Dimple can never become the daughter-in-law of their family until she is alive to which Samar announces that he will marry Dimple only.

Kinjal gives a mature response and asks Samar not to hurry about marriage so that he gets to know Dimple a bit more.

Samar says that Toshu and Pakhi married the people they wanted to but he is not allowed to do so which is not fair.

After Adhik appears there to take a stand for Pakhi, Dimple also comes and says that enough is enough about them continuously insulting her and Samar.

On the other hand, Anupama, Kanta, and Bhavesh distribute pamphlets about the new dance academy in the neighborhood after which Anupama and Kanta leave on a scooter to roam around a bit and work at the same time.

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