Anupama 14th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 14th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with the constable dancing which surprises everyone while Titu comes there he also takes a grand entry after which Dimpy becomes happy and murmurs that Titu is very naughty.

Meanwhile, Devika and Anupama wish the best thing for both Titu and Dimpy while Dimpy also joins Titu and dances along with him and Anu notices Rahul instructing the waiter about something so she goes to see.

Anu asks him why is he working for Gulati after which Rahul tells her that he was not left with any option that's why he joined Gulati's team as no one was giving him work because he worked in spice and chutney.

Later, Kinjal comes and asks Anu to come along with her for the cake-cutting ceremony of Kavya and Vanraj and the kids become happy to see the cake after which Anu tells everyone that she bought the cake because today is Vanraj and Kavya's anniversary.

Kavya feels good while Vanraj realizes that he forgot that today is his anniversary while Anu asks them to cut the cake after which Mahi also comes and says that she also wants to cut the cake.

Three of them cut the cake which makes Kavya happy after which Anu distributes the cake to everyone and after that, everyone gives a family performance one by one.

Toshu overhears Rahul and Gulati's conversation that he took the risk and went against his team to help him and hears Rahul saying that Gulati asked him to put the cockroach in the biryani which surprises Toshu and he gets angry.

Gulati gives a warning to him but he notices Toshu after which he asks Toshu to help him but Toshu holds his collar and scolds him and warns Gulati that he will also become the next target of Anu.

Then, Gulati tries to bribe him but Toshu gets confused about what to do while Anu also comes there and she overhears what Gulati says after which she gives a tight slap to him and recalls whatever has happened he is the main reason behind it.

Anu regrets doubting Toshu and how she misbehaved with him and after that, she is again about to beat Gulati which terrifies him and Anu scolds him for ruining her spice and Chutney.

After that, she challenges him and says that she will soon bring up his real side in front of everyone while Gulati starts laughing and says that no one can harm him.

Anuj also gets to know about it and he warns Gulati that he will ruin him and asks him to count on the days when he will be behind bars after that he asks Rahul to tell in front of everyone that he mixed the cockroach in biryani while Anu says that she will never forgive him.

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