Anupama 14th March 2023 Written Update

Anupama 14th March 2023 Written Update

Anupama 14th March 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 14th March 2023 episode starts with Anuj and Anupama having awkwardness between them again as they both cook dishes for Anu’s visit later.

Anuj leaves the kitchen after the words he said earlier resonate in Anupama’s mind and she feels a bit hurt emotionally.

Barkha helps Anupama in the kitchen while Anuj and Ankush discuss the situation in terms of rationality where Ankush informs Anuj that all lawyers said that Anu will end up with Maaya only.

Anuj stares at the cake and says they should have written “Goodbye” on it if he was ready to accept that his Anu is going to go away from him like that.

Anupama comes to Anuj and tells him that she got a message from Anu that she wants to meet everyone including the Shah family when she arrives and asks Anuj for permission to call them there.

Anuj tells Anupama that she said she will stop Anu from leaving and he believes that Anu will not leave at all when she comes back.

Seeing Anuj’s crumbling mental state, Anupama prays that everything goes well, and she manages to convince Maaya to stay back with Anu even if it means that she has to keep her around in that house.

Later, everyone waits for Maaya to bring Anu to the Kapadia Mansion and gets anxious as the time keeps ticking away, elongating the wait.

Hasmukh asks Anuj to call Maaya once but the number comes out of the network coverage area, scaring everyone.

Vanraj asks if all this is just Maaya’s game plan to get the time so that she can leave with Anu without anyone tracing her.

Anuj decides to go to the airport to bring Anu back but the others stop him and say he should stay there in case they come while he is away.

Just then, Anu calls Anupama and Anuj and runs to them as they welcome her with a wide hug with suppressed tears and joy.

Maaya enters the house while Anuj showers Anu with kisses and takes her in his arms, trying to safeguard her from leaving.

Anu says hello to everyone and tells them that she wanted to see everyone one last time before she left with her “Maa.”

After Anuj puts her down, she meets everyone individually and says her goodbyes to everyone with a smile.

Dimple takes Anu to her room to see the gifts while Anuj and Anupama start their discussion with Maaya as to why she did such a thing.

Everyone asks Maaya not to take away Anu as Anuj and Anupama cannot live without her while Anuj says that Maaya can live with them forever if she wants.

Maaya laughs at Anuj’s proposal and says that she is doing what was decided at first that Anupama and Anuj will let go of Anu if she chooses her over them.

As Anupama pleads to Maaya as a mother, Maaya says that Anupama is a great mother but only for her three biological kids.

Maaya says that Anupama never treated Anu equally with her biological kids as they will always come first to her before Anu.

Anupama asks Maaya not to say those things but Maaya tells her that she can never give Choti full time and love to this family as she is deeply rooted in the Shah family.

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