Anupama 14th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 14th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Shruti asking Anuj to return home along with her while Anuj asks Anu whether will she come along with them or not.

Anu says that she has worked over there so she will take some time to come after that Yashdeep talks with Anu after which she starts smiling while Anuj feels bad seeing Anu being happy with Yashdeep.

On the other hand, Dimpy shows the gift bought by Titu for her after which Kavya tells her that she is blessed to have Titu in her life while Dimpy says that Titu is spending so much money on her after that Kavya says that Titu can do anything for her.

Just then, Pakhi comes there and says that nothing is kept in love as men change after marriage and she starts giving examples of Toshu, and Vanraj to Dimpy after that Kavya scolds her for seeing negativity in everything and asks her to become a good woman after that she closes door on Pakhi's face.

Meanwhile, Toshu recalls how Anu asked him to do the job of waiter after which he expresses his anger over the mixer then Kinjal comes there and reminds him that he has done a lot of wrong things in the past.

She asks him to see the positive side of things as Anu will take care of everything if he works there while Anuj wonders about Yashdeep's feelings and thinks about Anu's reply to Yashdeep's proposal.

Aadhya asks how Spice and Chutney's reopening after that Shruti tells her that everything is fine and Aadhya says that now Anu will be busy with her work.

After that, Shruti asks Anuj if he noticed love and concern in Yashdeep's eye for Anu after which Anuj gets angry and crushes the medicines then he realizes that he overreacted after that he goes to order another medicine.

Toshu tells Vanraj that Anu has offered the waiter's job to Toshu after which Pakhi and Leela get angry over Anu while Bappu ji says that Anu has done right by giving the waiter's job to Toshu so that he can learn good things and will stay away from fraud and bad things.

Kavya also supports Anu and asks Vanraj why he never thinks positive side of Anu while Pakhi also starts arguing and says that Toshu is a gold medalist and deserves to be a manager.

Bappu ji asks them to not hype things and Anu is doing right so they should not question her whereas Anuj recalls how Yashdeep was roaming around Anu here and there.

Anu enjoys the party along with her colleague while Yashdeep comes there and says that he wants to talk to her alone after that he proposes to Anu but she says that she just wants friendship from him and she rejects his proposal.

She becomes emotional and recalls how she got heartbroken after getting separated from Anuj after that she notices Anuj's missed call in her phone and asks him what happened.

Anuj says that by mistake he made those calls after that he cuts the call while Anu goes to work but she wonders what happened to Anuj.

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