Anupama 14th November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 14th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 14th November 2023 episode starts with Anupama and Anuj helping Anu in packing gifts for the orphanage with Anu writing messages for the other children along with Diwali wishes.

Anupama asks Anu to always be there with people who need things in their lives as Anu has no scarcity of amenities in her life.

Anuj agrees at once and tells Anu that they should always stand beside the needy people and support them according to their own capacity which Anu understands.

Anupama and Anuj help Anu in counting the gifts together and ask her to multiply 5 by 9 which makes Anu confused and Anuj gets reminded about Malti Devi’s statement earlier.

Anuj asks Anu if she is weak in math to which Anu says that she finds it difficult to solve things at times after which Anupama asks her to go to her room to write the wishes.

Malti Devi jumps at the opportunity and asks Anupama if she understands what Anu’s studies are as present studies have evolved a lot compared to the past.

Anupama says that she tries her best to keep up but Malti Devi says that Anupama does not have time which is why they should appoint a tutor.

Meanwhile, Kavya wishes chhoti Diwali to Leela and Hasmukh and takes their blessings after which Toshu and Kinjal come and wish Diwali to everyone.

Leela says that she does not know when they will be together for Diwali next time which leaves everyone a bit upset but Vanraj comes and touches the feet of Hasmukh and Leela.

With Vanraj wishing everyone Diwali, Hasmukh plays a song on the radio and asks everyone to dance with him as he wants everyone to be happy on this occasion of Diwali.

The neighbours gather outside to hear the music and comment on how the family is already dancing and celebrating even though it has just been two months since Samar’s death.

Hasmukh says that people have complaints even when they are trying to move on from their grief and expect the family to always drown in sadness instead.

Vanraj says that they are not wrong to smile and come out to talk to the neighbours which makes the family nervous.

Facing others, Vanraj says that he does not need to give any certificate to them about his love for his son and is dancing because Samar likes to dance.

Vanraj says that he still has another son, elderly parents, pregnant wife who needs to have some happiness in their lives which is why he will try to dance and smile from now on.

Elsewhere, Anuj notices Anupama giving rangoli and joins her while they stare at each other with soft and loving eyes.

At the breakfast table, Malti Devi talks about Anupama delivering sweets and snacks the previous day and Anuj says that he does not want Leela and Hasmukh to feel like anything is missing in this festival.

Anupama says that everyone should work if they are capable of doing that thing as many people have self-esteem to demand things from others.

Anuj agrees with Anupama and asks Malti Devi why she is always talking about those bangles as Malti Devi raises that issue once more.

Later, everyone gathers for the puja including the Shahs and Anupama-Anuj take Malti Devi’s blessings for a happy life ahead.

Anuj makes Anupama sign the papers of the old age home after which she signs them without reading which irritates Malti Devi.

The Shahs decide that they will return all the money to Anupama and Anuj respectfully while Malti Devi says that Anupama and the Shahs are after Anuj’s wealth and she needs to stop them. 

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