Anupama 15th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 15th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 15th December 2023 episode starts with Kavya bidding her goodbyes to everyone in the family before she takes her leave from the house.

Hasmukh tells Kavya that he is sorry that he could not do anything for her, assuring her that the house belongs to her too and she can come there whenever she wants.

Kavya feels blessed to hear Hasmukh and tells him and Leela that she is also staying near the house and they can visit her anytime they want.

Hasmukh gives some money to Kavya, asking her to accept it as his blessing after which Kavya moves to Leela and thanks her for everything they have shared in these fruitful years.

Both Leela and Kavya reminisce about days when they used to fight with each other and share a beautiful hug to celebrate their relationship.

Dimple says that she is losing her friends constantly when Kavya says that she is not going that far which means they can always meet to have gol-gappe together.

Kavya asks Dimpy to visit her whenever she feels lonely after which she moves to Pakhi and tells her as a friend that a marriage cannot run on one person's efforts.

Pakhi stands silent while Kavya tells her to return to Adhik as he must be waiting for her.

As Kavya is about to leave, Vanraj tells Kavya that she can go wherever she wants but she will need to cut all ties with the Shah family.

Kavya tells Vanraj that he cannot control all the family members' lives like this and she does not need to obey him as she is leaving.

With slow steps away from the family members, Kavya comes out of the house and walks alone on the streets with tears in her eyes.

The next morning, Anupama gets Kavya's message that she has shifted to her new house and Anuj says that they saw this coming with the way Vanraj is behaving.

Anupama asks Anuj if they can go on a trip somewhere with just the three of them to which Anuj gives a positive response and says that Anupama will find herself in a new place very soon.

Anu wakes up and finds Anupama and Anuj talking about Pari and how much she has grown to become the cutest child in the world which puts off her mood.

Meanwhile, Vanraj and Toshu joke about things and act normal with other members, trying to lift their mood when Vanraj gets to know that Kinjal is not at home with Pari.

Kinjal comes to meet Anupama and Anuj at their house and apologizes to Anupama for whatever happened at the party the previous day.

Anuj says that no one can stop Anupama from meeting her family after which Kinjal proposes that they should go on a picnic together.

Anupama, Anu, Kinjal, and Pari go to the picnic together as Anuj has meetings to attend and enjoy the winter sun by laying around lazily.

Anu constantly feels jealous of seeing Anupama loving and taking care of Pari after which they decide to return home by car.

At the same time, Ankush tells Anuj that their family priest has said that there will be a big change in the family very soon.

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