Anupama 15th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 15th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 15th January 2024 episode starts with Teetu waking up in the Shah house and noticing everyone standing in front of him including Dimpy which makes him realize that he has got injured.

Leela asks Teetu not to move around as his bone might have got broken and they need to make an X-Ray of the issue which will be done the next morning.

Teetu asks Leela if she is fine to which Leela replies that she is alright because of his heroic deeds after which Teetu and Vanraj stare at each other and recall their last conversation.

Vanraj says that Teetu can go back after they do the X-Ray but Teetu says that he can just go already as he does not wish to trouble others with his presence.

Seeing Teetu staring at Dimple, Vanraj stands between them after which he asks the ladies to leave the room and asks Teetu to mind his presence in the house.

After everyone leaves, Teetu says that he has ended up in the Shah house after he wanted to go away from Dimpy when Teetu suddenly spots Ishani peeping through the door.

Ishani asks Teetu to make his injury vanish with magic after which she says that she is afraid to get scolded by her grandfather which makes Teetu a bit worried about Ishani.

Meanwhile, Kinjal comes home and hugs Pari after which she asks Toshu to make a cup of coffee for her but he replies that he is not supposed to be Kinjal's personal steward.

Kinjal says that making a cup of coffee is not that big of a deal after which they start to argue with each other but stop when Pari says that she can learn to operate the coffee machine which will solve the problem.

Pari says that she likes Indian classical dances more than ballet which triggers Toshu and he refuses to let Pari learn such a dance in the US.

Kinjal tells Toshu that they should not stop Pari from learning what she wants after which the conversation shifts to their financial condition with Kinjal asking Toshu to get a job that is stable and permanent.

Toshu says that he is trying while Kinjal reminds him that their coaching classes have failed which has made them shift to New York but they are still struggling to survive.

As Kinjal asks Toshu to return to India, Toshu says that he cannot do such a thing as to show everyone that he is a loser.

At the same time, Anupama notices snow outside the restaurant and runs outside to see it for herself while Anuj comes there to face Miss Joshi face-to-face.

Vikram tells Anuj that Miss Joshi must have gone outside after which Anuj waits for her while Aadhya gets to know that Anuj has gone to the restaurant, which triggers her to have another panic attack.

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