Anupama 15th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 15th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu telling Rahul that he will have guilt for life for doing wrong with her in his whole life.

Rahul is not able to face Anu while she says that today he has fallen in his own eyes after which he asks her to not say such things and starts crying.

Anu asks him what problem does he had with other staff of spice and chutney that he did such thing with them and she counts on people who are close to Rahul and asks him how will he face them.

Then, Rahul joins hands in front of her and asks for an apology from her while Anu says that she will not take this decision and asks him to ask for an apology in front of everyone then Anuj asks him to accept this thing in front of the food critics too.

Rahul does not say anything after which Anu asks him if he thinks that after he accepts this truth then no one will give him work to do then it is correct but the blunder that he has done will reduce the fake allegations over her.

Anu says that things will not change but at least people will not judge her for wrong things and her people will not treat her wrong after which she starts crying like a small baby then Kinjal tries to console her.

After that, everyone asks for an apology from Anu while Toshu asks everyone whether they believe that or not he is not wrong and he points out to Anu and Kinjal and asks them to rethink before blaming him.

Anu joins hands in front of him and asks for an apology from him while Vanraj taunts Anu for not being a good mother that's why she misunderstood that Toshu did all these things but Anu gives a befitting reply to him and says that when she got to know the truth so she asked for an apology from him.

Vanraj asks her how will she compensate for the things which she has done to him then Anu says that even if Toshu had been in place of Rahul then he would have done the same.

Then, Toshu argues with her and says that at least Gulati offered a job to him by thinking about his capabilities not like her who misunderstood him.

Just then, Yash and Biji come over there and tell Anu that they are with her in this battle and will support her in the comeback of spice and chutney and he asks for an apology from Anu.

Later, Anuj makes a video call to Shruti and tells her about Anu which makes her insecure while Yash praises Anu in front of Vanraj after which he taunts Anu for it.

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