Anupama 15th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 15th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 15th May 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 15th May 2023 episode starts with Anupama signing the contract and feeling a wave of happiness rush over her mind.

Anupama gives the signed contract to Nakul who smiles at Anupama and tells her that she took the best decision for herself by signing the contract.

Malti Devi says that it will be difficult to ditch all those duties and responsibilities that Anupama has been fulfilling for years but if she wants to worship art, she has to let go of other strings.

Anupama says that she has chosen her family over her dancing dream in the past and does not want to repeat the same mistake as life is giving her a second chance.

Malti Devi asks Anupama if she is ready to face her family and deliver this news to them to which Anupama gathers courage and nods her head with confidence.

Meanwhile, Samar and Dimple bring sweets for everyone and make them eat to celebrate the confirmation of the marriage by next month.

Dimple thanks Leela for letting her marry Samar but Leela taunts Dimple that her heart is still not convinced for the marriage.

Dimple asks Leela to talk to her a bit lovingly but Leela says that there is no love inside her heart for Dimple which upsets Dimple.

As Anupama and Bhairavi are about to leave, Nakul stops them and gives Anupama a booklet of terms and conditions that she needs to follow, asking Anupama to come at 7 am the next morning for her training.

Bhairavi asks Nakul if Malti Devi is always so angry with everyone to which Nakul replies that he also thought the same at first but later realized that Malti Devi is the gentlest soul he has ever seen.

Nakul tells Anupama and Bhairavi that he has been raised by Malti Devi since his childhood and after God snatched away his parents from him.

Malti Devi overhears Nakul and Anupama's conversation from a distance and silently walks away while Nakul also bids goodbye to Anupama.

Kanta and Bhavesh overjoyed with Anupama's decision!

Anupama reaches home and gets stopped by Kanta who does her aarti and then allows Anupama to come inside as she has already sensed Anupama's happiness.

Hugging Bhavesh and Kanta, Anupama says that she has been selected by Malti Devi along with Bhairavi and she has signed a three-year contract with a Gurukul for which she has to go to America.

Kanta gets overjoyed to hear the news and tells Anupama that her dreams are finally taking the flight they should have taken years ago.

Anupama nervously says that she has to leave the family for the next three years but Kanta says that neither Shahs nor the Kapadias should stop Anupama this time from living for herself.

After charging her phone, Anupama gets a call from Leela who asks her to come to the Shah residence quickly as she has something to discuss with her.

Anupama decides to go there after hearing that the discussion is related to Samar's marriage in a happy mood.

At the Shah residence, Leela conveys the news of Samar and Dimple's marriage being fixed within a month which lights up Anupama's mood.

Leela asks Anupama who would take responsibility for the functions and finances of the marriage which makes Anupama silent.

Hasmukh tells Leela that no one would force Anupama to carry all responsibilities by herself but Leela says that there is an important a mother has to play in her son's marriage.

Shah's celebrate Anupama's success!

As Kinjal and Pakhi ask Anupama about her Gurukul trip, Anupama says that she has been selected and has signed a three-year contract for which she will leave for America after a month.

Pakhi and Kinjal scream in excitement while Vanraj and Leela's smiles disappear as they do not want Anupama to go away from their household.

Everyone congratulates Anupama and wishes the best of luck to her including Vanraj and Leela who ask Anupama to fulfill her dream this time as she could not do it in the past.

Suddenly, Dimple receives a message from someone and Anupama notices her getting pale which stops everyone dancing around.

Samar reads the message and tells everyone that Anuj is coming to his marriage along with Maaya and Anu leaving everyone shocked.

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