Anupama 15th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 15th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with a journalist coming to Anu's restaurant and interviewing her after that they ask personal questions based on Anu's personal life.

Yashdeep gets angry over the media for asking about two failed marriages of Anu after that Anuj also gets angry over the media whereas Anu asks Yashdeep to not worry she will handle everything.

The journalist asks Anu if her inlaws used to misbehave with her after which she asks them to stay away from her personal life and she requests them to question her professional life and how a woman who is not well educated came so far.

Anuj feels proud of Anu for handling the situation very nicely and he murmurs that he is proud of her while Anu asks the media to ask her how she built such a huge empire of spice and chutney and asks them questions about the present instead of the past.

After that, Anu tells them that her Baa Leela has a huge contribution to her success along with her ex-husband Anuj which makes Anuj feel happy after that she gives credit to everyone who supported her during the journey.

She makes the specification that she will not entertain any personal questions and if they want to ask a question related to her profession then they are most welcome otherwise she would like to end this interview over there.

Baapu ji taunts Vanraj and Leela for saying bad things to Anu while the media asks Anu why she refused the offer of becoming the chef of Hitachi's restaurant then Anu tells them that she wants to spread the taste of Indian food all over the world and wants to become a inspiration for housewives.

Anu asks them to follow the policy that her restaurant has made that is they should not waste the food and value every bite of it after that media also gets impressed by Anu's words and they praise her.

Later, Yashdeep tells Anu that he is feeling awkward now after which Anu tries to make him feel comfortable after that she teaches him the lessons of life and they decide to work strategically in the kitchen.

Anu tells him that a decade ago she didn't know how to do outside work but when all the responsibility came to her then she learned how to do things on her own.

After that, Anu goes back home but Yashdeep asks for an apology from her for proposing to her after that she asks him to not feel bad for it and she returns to the house and meets Anuj.

She asks him why he hasn't slept till now after which Anuj says that he has made pastry for her after that he praises her for handling media so gracefully.

Later on next day, Anu finds Aadhya crying in her room due to period cramps after which she goes to see her and takes care of her and hugs her while Aadhya asks her why a woman has to face such things.

Anu explains to her the beauty of nature after that she tries to make her fall asleep in her lap after that she gives body massage to her while Shruti gets irritated in her room.

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