Anupama 15th November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 15th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 15th November 2023 episode starts with everyone enjoying Diwali together and bursting firecrackers outside the Kapadia mansion.

Anupama spots Dimple standing in a corner and asks her to come to her while Anu gets shocked at hearing the sound of the cracker and accidentally bumps into Dimpy.

Both Anu and Dimpy proceed to fall when Anupama catches Dimpy as she falls toward her while Malti Devi catches Anu at the last moment.

Malti Devi says that Anupama is not paying attention to Anu at all as she was about to fall on the diyas which was life-threatening.

Pakhi jumps in to support Malti Devi while Anuj asks everyone to calm down but Malti Devi expresses how serious the matter is. 

Anupama tries to come closer to Anu, making Anu go away from her and hug Anuj which leaves everyone silent and shocked.

Anu refuses to talk to Anupama which breaks her heart after which Anuj tells Anu that they should eat ice cream together and Anupama is not allowed when Anu gets distracted.

Barkha tells Malti Devi that she truly succeeded in playing the game, making Malti Devi smirk a bit while she bursts a cracker.

Meanwhile, Toshu checks if everything is packed and asks Kinjal to double-check everything but he finds Kinjal sitting blankly.

Kinjal starts crying, asking Toshu if they can cancel their shift to the UK as she is not ready to leave the family like this.

Toshu says that he is also worried about the family but they cannot afford to back down from their arrangement as everything has been set in the UK.

Kinjal admits that there will be losses for them but asks Toshu about the damage it will cause the family.

Toshu adds that family problems will continue to arise no matter what, reminding Kinjal about Pari’s future.

He mentions that they will continue to send money to Leela and Hasmukh and will return every year to visit everyone.

Leela comes to the room, making Kinjal hide her tears and she wraps orange stripes of ribbons which she has brought from the temple to protect the luggage.

After leaving the room, Leela cries a bit and goes away as she is not ready to see separation.

The next day, Anupama tries to adjust the lights and almost trips when Anuj comes and catches her at the last moment.

Anuj notices Anupama crying, asking her not to worry about Anu as she will be normal in a few days. 

Anupama says that she cannot imagine how Anu is feeling after such an incident and comments when Anuj asks Anupama to focus on the problem.

He deliberately makes a mark on the rangoli and asks Anupama how she will make the rangoli right after which Anupama fills the space with colours.

Anuj asks Anupama to fill Anu’s heart with her love so that no scar is left after the wound which motivates Anupama and she thanks Anuj.

Elsewhere, Kavya asks Vanraj to get ready for Diwali after which she gets happy as Vanraj says that he has good news for everyone even though he cannot gift them anything.

Anupama comes into Anu’s room and asks Anu if she can allow her to help with her hair after seeing Anu trying to tie her hair.

Anu refuses and goes away after which Anupama starts singing an apology song for Anu which melts her heart and Anuj decides to leave them alone.

Anupama hugs Anu and apologizes to her after which she explains to Anu that she loves her very much and can never differentiate with someone else.

Anu tells Anupama about Malti devi, telling her that Anupama loves Dimpy more which leaves Anupama zesty and she assures Anu that her mother loves her very much. 

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