Anupama 16th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 16th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 16th April 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 16th April 2023 episode starts with Vanraj asking everyone to become silent at once as he has an important conference call after a bit and does not want any disturbance to interrupt him.

As Vanraj asks everyone to stop causing a scene, Samar starts laughing leaving everyone shocked and confused, and goes to the center of the room.

Taking a chair, Samar sits in the middle of the room which triggers Vanraj and he also takes a chair to settle across Samar, staring at him with glaring eyes.

However, Samar says that in the past, he has always been called a lost cause, good for nothing, jobless, and a revolting child just because he always took Anupama's side.

Samar says that no one in the family ever tries to understand him or appreciate him once for whatever he does for them.

Vanraj's features soften as he hears Samar become teary while talking about the times when he was the only one who took care of Kinjal as Toshu was lost in his incapabilities.

Samar says that he can give away his life for this family but today, he saw how his family cares for him and how much he matters to them.

Samar asks everyone why he is being questioned about his morality all of a sudden just because he wants to marry a person of his own choice.

As Samar talks about Kinjal's pregnancy days and how he used to help Leela and Kinjal in the kitchen all day, even after getting tired after running the dance classes the entire day, Kinjal gets emotional.

Kinjal tries to comfort Samar but Samar asks her why she did not take a stand for him when it was needed.

Meanwhile, Barkha asks the staff to bring the luggage inside the house and stacks it in a corner asking Anupama if she wants to say anything.

Anupama brings water for the staff and proposes to make tea for them but they say that they would drink tea the day she returns to her house again.

Anupama asks Barkha to take back the luggage as she does not need them anymore but Barkha refuses and says that she did everything at Anuj's command.

Barkha asks Anupama to talk to Anuj if she has any suspicion and asks Anupama not to act like an emotional fool.

On the other hand, Anu asks Anuj to call Anupama as she wants to talk to her but Anuj continues to make excuses so that he can avoid it.

Back to the Shahs, Vanraj caresses Samar's face gently and asks him why Samar thinks that no one loves him as everybody is worried for his well-being and is asking him to stop for that reason.

Vanraj says that love is never enough for a marriage to run as everything changes after a couple becomes husband-wife.

Samar starts laughing hearing Vanraj's words while Vanraj asks Samar if he has forgotten his decency after falling in love.

Samar loses his mind and announces that he is done being the good son of the family as the family is willing to give him nothing but humiliation in return.

As Samar breaks an earthen pot, Hasmukh tries to calm him down while Samar apologizes for hurting him like that.

Samar stands across Vanraj and says that if he is such an indecent and bad son of this family, then he has decided to move out of that house. 

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