Anupama 16th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 16th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 16th December 2023 episode starts with Kinjal, Anupama, Anu and Pari returning home with Kinjal driving the car.

Anupama notices Toshu calling Kinjal repeatedly and asks her to pick it up as it might be important.

Kinjal says she will reach home and talk to them as she has already messaged Toshu that she and Pari are going back and safe.

Anupama does not say anything further and sighs as she does not want another fight to spread out because of this incident.

Kinjal talks about the picnic and how it has been so enjoyable for everyone to which Anupama agrees while Pari starts crying in the backseat.

Anu says that she has not done anything to which Anupama laughs and says that she is not blaming Anu at all, asking Kinjal to stop the car so that Anupama can take Pari in her lap.

Anupama takes Pari in the front seat and acts lovingly toward her which makes Anu feel jealous.

Anu says that she also wants to come to the front seat and tries to climb over which makes Anupama worried as there is no space in the front seat anymore.

Kinjal loses her balance as Anu interferes in her vision after which the car crashes into a pole.

Anupama is left shocked as she notices Kinjal unconscious in the driver's seat and tries to get out of the car only to find out that the car is hanging at the edge of a cliff.

Anu starts crying and says that they will die but Anupama asks her not to say such things as she is very brave and can face anything head on.

Anupama starts thinking about what she should do to save everyone as she cannot afford to let anyone get in danger.

Meanwhile, Vanraj and Toshu proceed to go to the Kapadia mansion to bring back Kinjal but Hasmukh stops them saying that they have no right to go there and make a scene.

Anuj gets to know that Anupama is not picking up anybody's calls and he calls her himself only to find no answer to it.

Coming to the Shah house, Anuj starts arguing with Vanraj as he blames Anupama for taking away Kinjal and Pari after which he says that he is going to find them outside.

Back at the accident scene, Anupama asks Anu to stay back and not come to the front after which she passes Pari to the back seat and tries to call someone only to see that no network is there.

Anupama sprinkles water on Kinjal's face and tries to wake her up after which she succeeds in opening Kinjal's door and pushes her out of the car gently.

Anu sits in horror as Anupama asks for Pari and gets her out first after which Anupama's saree gets stuck and the door closes on its own.

Anupama tries her best to open the door but seeing no success she breaks the window with a stone and asks Anu to come out from that passage.

Just after Anu comes out, the car falls down the cliff with Anupama hugging Anu with a shocked expression and Kinjal coming to her senses.

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