Anupama 16th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 16th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj saying that he will find the culprit who is involved with Gulati and Rahul after that he assures Anu that he will sort out everything.

Anu says that she believes spice and chutney will reopen again after that Yash and Biji ask her if she will work with them then Anuj also asks Anu if she will come to America back or not.

Adhya wishes Anu to say no as she does not want her to come there while Anu closes her eyes and declares her decision that she will again come back to America and live her dreams which she thought before Pakhi's birth.

Leela and Vanraj feel bad for not allowing Anu to live her dreams while Anu says that she wants to live the life that she always dreamt of and complete all her wishes which she wants.

Everyone feels good and claps for Anu which makes her feel motivated Anu also feels good and she starts crying recalling the good things that happened to her so far.

Meanwhile, the kids hug her and she feels blessed after that she goes and lights up Diya in the temple and thanks god for doing magic and removing all the allegations from her name.

Anuj comes from behind and overhears Anu's conversation with god and he feels good for her after that he comes in front of her and tells her that he wants her to achieve all the things that she wants in her life and he will support her in achieving all those things.

He says that earlier when Anu used to be happy he felt so good but now when he sees her in pain and when he cannot help her then he feels so helpless for her and dies inside.

Anu asks him to not say such things while Anuj says that he wants to change the things along with her while Anu says that nothing is there in their hands.

On the other hand, Adhya wakes up and finds Anuj but cannot find him anywhere after which she wonders where he is and she becomes tense and asks what she will answer to Shruti.

Adhya wonders if Anuj is with Anu then she says that Dimpy's wedding is bringing Anuj and Anu too close which she does not want while Anu and Anuj feel helpless for each other for not being able to do anything.

Later, Anu returns to her house and sits with Devika and thinks about that call which they receive from a stranger lady after that Devika and Anu decide to follow Vanraj.

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